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Sheffield is home to many prosperous businesses across various industries. To drive success, these companies require skilled, dynamic managers who can guide teams effectively.

At iManage Performance, we provide a wide array of management training programs tailored specifically for professionals. Our courses are designed to boost expertise on all aspects of management, from leadership strategy to enhancing team collaboration.

With years of experience partnering with major local employers, our trainers have deep knowledge of the business landscape. This insight ensures our management training delivers maximum relevance and impact for participants. Contact our team today to learn more about our management training options. Investing in developing your managers can yield huge returns in boosting performance across your organisation.

Management courses for leaders in Sheffield

Our training experts are primed to bring our management courses directly to your enterprise in Sheffield. Irrespective of where you are in your management trajectory, our training will elevate your capabilities. For those stepping into a managerial role, our courses lay down a robust foundation of essential skills, enabling you to lead with confidence. Acquire pivotal skills such as allocation, mentorship, and amplifying team efficacy. For those managers with a wealth of experience seeking further refinement, our comprehensive courses polish your strategic thought processes, influence, and aptitude to spearhead transformations. Take your managerial prowess to unparalleled summits. Even adept CEOs and board members can gain insights from our vibrant training. Rekindle your zeal for leadership and uncover fresh methods to spur creativity, synchronisation, and efficiency throughout your entity.

What our management courses cover

At iManage Performance, our trailblasing approach to management training blends time-tested methodologies with tangible, pragmatic uses. Our invigorating courses in Sheffield strive to mould spirited, self-assured managers equipped to navigate the swift currents of today’s business environment. Delving into our management courses, you can discern:

  • The quintessential elements of proficient management and the art of galvanising teams
  • Tactics for adeptly guiding your entity through epochs of metamorphosis and evolution
  • Methods to fine-tune performance management to draw the best from your team
  • Elite strategies to spur ingenuity and peak performance in top-tier teams
  • Exemplary procedures for hiring, including behaviour-centric interviews to pinpoint premier talents
  • Influential mentoring techniques to foster talent and stimulate growth within your cadre

Participation in our courses fortifies your enduring professional evolution, furnishing you with the freshest managerial insights and skills. We merge tested ideologies with a refreshed, captivating methodology.

How are our courses delivered?

Our prowess in integrated learning sets us apart. For over a decade and a half, we have consistently ventured into novel training delivery techniques to amplify engagement and significance for participants. Our diverse suite includes traditional face-to-face workshops, remote communal learning platforms, bite-sized learning, digital classrooms, video-centric teaching materials, and beyond. We adroitly fuse the ideal mix of modalities to craft bespoke programmes aligning with each client’s unique requirements and ethos. Through our adaptable integrated methodology, we sculpt prime learning journeys that actualise an institution’s latent potential.

Why choose iManage?

Management education forms the nucleus of our offering. Nearly two decades have seen our unwavering commitment to fortifying managers via progressive courses. Numerous loyal clients repeatedly choose us for indoctrinating their emerging workforce and divisions. We have forged alliances with entities across the nation, equipping their vanguards with the tools to flourish via our influential initiatives. Our vow is in championing leadership distinction. While methods may shift, our vision remains steadfast – facilitating managers at all echelons to realise their zenith potential. We eagerly await the opportunity to shape the forthcoming wave of managerial magnates.

Want to develop your Leadership and Management skills?

Speak with our team to discuss your challenges and how our courses and training days can support your team to grow.

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Management Courses in Sheffield

Our successful, innovative management training courses teach a blend of theory, best practices and real-world examples that inspire leaders and provide them with the essential skills needed to be a great manager. From adapting to change to managing performance, coaching and interview techniques, we provide comprehensive training to fit the unique demands of each business and individual.

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Introduction to Management

Newly promoted and lacking confidence in your new role? This course introduces participants to the skills required to be a great manager, and how to be an inspiring leader for your team. It’s designed to plug skill gaps and identify the mindset needed to be an effective manager, so that those entering the role for the first time can take on this new step in their career with assurance.

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Coaching for Managers Training

Coaching is a critical skill for managers to learn, helping them to develop their team and transform businesses. Coaching individuals to be the best they can be is the best route to great results and staff retention. Our training covers the fundamentals of coaching, from how to set expectations, provide feedback, handle conflict and more.

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High Performing Teams

Designed to raise staff motivation and performance levels to achieve business goals, our training provides managers with the skills needed to create, nurture and maintain high-performing teams. We’ll help participants reflect on team dynamics and how they impact morale, establish clarity when working as a team, and how to manage employees individually without it compromising the sense of camaraderie and synergy.

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Change Management

Change may be unavoidable, but it can still be met with pessimism from employees. Our training helps managers build the critical skills required to manage change in the workplace in a positive manner, and effectively motivate people and communicate changes in corporate culture or organisational hierarchies to help teams embrace change.

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Performance Management

Performance management is a key skill for managers to learn, helping leaders recognise their contribution in effectively managing performance and employee conduct in the workplace. This course helps leaders understand how performance management can be used to improve the work of individuals and teams, enhance skill sets and identify strategies and techniques to encourage greater performance in team members.

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Recruitment Interviewing

Smart recruitment is essential to the growth of a business. Our practical courses provide participants with the skills and confidence needed to ask the right questions when recruiting candidates. We cover everything from assessment methods and structuring the interview to strength-based questioning and defining job competencies, to help individuals make smarter recruitment decisions for the benefit of the business.

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