iManage Academy

iManage Academy is an online management training resource, endorsed by the Chartered Management Institute. Inside the Academy our users have access to a continually growing selection of video led lessons covering every topic you need to realise your potential as a manager and leader. These include: leadership, performance management, giving feedback, recruitment interviewing, influencing skills, delegation, effective writing, presentation skills, and many others!

In fact there are currently well over 100 hours of lesson inside the iManage Academy, but that’s not all. Users also have access to a range of other tools and resources including downloadable templates, forums, book reviews, interviews with business leaders, and so the list goes on.

The Academy is an open platform, so all subscribers can comment on videos and in forums, and interact with one another. This has created an incredibly rich learning environment full of motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries. We are also able to create private forums for your organisation should you want an area for internal discussion.

Download Academy Overview & Standards PDF

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Certification

The iManage Academy is endorsed by the CMI. Not only is this endorsement a guarantee of the high quality of our lesson content, it also means that after completion of “The Complete Management Program”, you will be eligible to receive a certificate direct from the CMI.

Academy for you

Whether you are an experienced manager, new to management, or an aspiring manager, the Academy has so much to offer you. We have covered every topic you need to realise your potential as a manager and leader in your organisation.

No matter what industry you work in, or how much experience you have, the Academy will give you the to tools you need to stand out as your knowledge and competencies grow and develop. This is especially true if you have limited or no access to any other form of formal training at your current place of work.

Academy alongside a course or programme

The Academy is a fantastic supplement to any iManage training course or programme. Give your attendees the chance to consolidate classroom learning with additional resources and related topic areas inside the Academy, as well as revisiting topics covered in previous courses. Academy membership will also allow your attendees to log and share what they are learning during a course, as well as to ask questions of other like-minded people through Academy forums.

Academy for your SME organisation

We recognise that not all organisations have huge training budgets and dedicated L&D teams, and the iManage Academy is built with this in mind. It’s an incredibly cost effective way to improve your peoples management and leadership skills; all our world class training content packaged up and delivered to you at the point of need via any computer or smart device. And the great thing is, the content is always growing with new lessons added each month, so your subscription will be as valuable at the end of the year as it was at the beginning.

SME managers are often burdened with the same responsibility of any corporate manager, but given little or no training to equip them for the task. We believe great development needn’t be a luxury or guesswork.

We understand that as an SME manager you want the dual benefit of world class training and lifelong development with undeniable cost effectiveness and ROI.

What if there was a solution where staff can develop at their own pace and access proven content that has been used in many of the world’s leading organisations? What if all of this was just the cost of 4 coffees each month?

Academy for your apprenticeship levy

We have mapped all iManage Academy content across to the occupational standards so that an Academy subscription can contribute to your apprentices 20% study time.