Corporate Management & Leadership Training

Having a singular management and leadership approach is a huge benefit to any organisation.  Alignment of understanding, language and management practice enables a new level of consistency that forms a solid foundation for the ongoing prosperity of the individuals, teams and the organisation.  iManage provides a coordinated approach to the way you ‘do management’ that will facilitate the organisations standards and set up a clear understanding of the model manager.  Through highly engaging, interactive learning you will create a new sense of leadership through increased commitment and ownership of best practice.  Managers will have a foundational view of what is expected of them and teams will feel increasingly empowered and developed themselves.

Course Content:

  1. Welcome and introduction; Setting your personal goals of the session.
  2. The model Manager; The production of a clear management standard.
  3. Experience Statements; The creation of a managerial gold standard.
  4. Empowerment; Exploring the pillars of an empowered organisation.
  5. Strategy versus operations; Understanding the required split at each organisational level.
  6. Developing strategy; A staged strategic approach.
  7. Clarity; Aligning the organisation with the strategy.
  8. Course resources; Download all the tools and templates for easy application.

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Who Is This Course For?

Corporate management & leadership training is for any organisation that wants to create an aligned approach.  This management intervention will boost your whole organisations ability to create prosperous teams that feel that they can flourish and grow under the clear guidance of an effective management and leadership team.  From supervisory through middle management and up into senior leadership, this course will provide a transformational approach to the way you operate.

What Will You Learn?

Aim of the course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Align all management practice throughout the organisation and across different levels of hierarchy.
  • Bring consistency to managerial standards of behaviour.
  • Provide specific techniques that model best practice leadership throughout the organisation.
  • Bring a new shared management vocabulary.
  • Elevate management practices.