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Great plans and objectives are futile if they cannot be communicated effectively. Communication is the glue that allows talented leaders and managers to realise their potential and that of their organisation. It transforms teams and harnesses potential. Results will be based on the clarity and effectiveness of our communications, so at iManage we make it a central part of our management programmes. The success of our own communications training led us to develop a range of specialist communications programmes for managers and business leaders. We have delivered these around the world, which has uncovered some interesting insights into how leading organisations communicate effectively. Contact us today and begin getting clarity through our effective communication courses in Sussex and across the UK.



Communication Training FAQs

How much is this course?

Our courses are designed for you the client, which means that the pricing structure is also specific for you the client. We work with huge and tiny companies, always finding appropriate pricing models for each of them.

Do you use powerpoint for your courses?

Our training courses are highly engaging and designed to challenge you to think and act. We don’t believe a powerpoint presentation delivers this, so we never use it for any of our courses.

What resources will I receive on your courses?

All attendees will receive professionally printed A5 workbooks covering every aspect of the training delivered. These make a great reference resource for the future and can be supplied in electronic format too.

How experienced are your trainers?

All of our trainers come with many years of real world operational experience. They are able to bring maturity of thinking and the experience of real life situations into the training room.

Why do I need communication training?

Communication is such a vital skill in business. No matter how comfortable and confident you feel about your communication skills, there is always room for improvement. Excellent communication skills help foster good working relationships and assist in every facet of business operations from negotiating to conflict resolution and building team morale.

Communicating in a respectful and professional manner, in a way that gets the best out of people, is a highly-tuned skill that can be learned. At iManage we have years of experience and insight into the communication skills used by successful leaders. We teach these skills in our innovative communications courses. It is increasingly recognised that companies with good communication practices are more likely to outperform their competitors.

Whether you are leading a business or managing a team, you need to be a great communicator.

What format will the training take?

Our original and specialist communications courses have been created to suit a wide variety of businesses from SMEs to large corporates across a wide range of industries. The adaptable nature of an iManage Communications Course means it will be tailor-made and delivered in a format to suit you and your business.

We design the very best programmes to suit your people. Our delivery methods include Bitesize learning, face-to-face learning, the virtual classroom, video and eLearning, and individual or group coaching.

What type of communication courses are there?

Communication in business covers such a broad spectrum of areas. We offer communications courses to help you, your managers and staff communicate more effectively at work both in speaking and writing. Our courses are designed to hone communication skills in essential areas to ensure you and your people are equipped to deal with conflict, communicate ideas effectively and achieve personal and business goals. Examples of the courses we run include:

  • Minute taking
  • Effective phone calls
  • Effective report writing
  • Presentation skills
  • Creative conversations and collaboration
  • Influencing skills

Do your courses give plenty of opportunity to practise?

All of our learning sessions are experiential offering plenty of opportunities to practise the skills being taught. Our expert trainers will guide you through a range of interactive exercises to rehearse newly developed skills and gain confidence in their application.

How quickly will I be able to improve my communication skills in the workplace?

All of our courses are designed to equip you with the confidence and skills to transfer immediately to the workplace. We challenge all of our learners to think in new ways and ensure they feel confident to put new practices into daily action as soon as they have completed the course.

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