Fundamental & Foundational Management Training

There are a set of skills that every manager needs to know and practice.  These are in every sense of the word ‘foundational’, true management fundamentals that no one should be without.  In this course we develop a rich understanding of these skills that enable managers to grasp them, but also excel in them.  We will provide the toolkit that every manager needs to not only survive but thrive in the fast paced world we operate within.  Managers who apply these skills will develop higher performing and higher functioning teams beneath them.  Motivation and morale will likely increase too, as team members start to really appreciate the professionalism and ability of their manager.

Fundamental Management Training Course Content:

  1. Welcome and introduction; Setting your personal goals of the session.
  2. Setting up for success; Starting with personal reflection.
  3. Clarity and competence; The two pillars to empowerment.
  4. Using ask and tell; Differentiating when you need to be directive and when an insightful question will serve you better.
  5. Developing others; How coaching is different to mentoring, teaching and facilitating.
  6. Situational Analysis; How to change my approach to suit the situation.
  7. Delegation; The only four levels of delegation you will ever need.
  8. Courageous conversations; The five managers conversations.
  9. Learning; How we develop our people at a skills level.
  10. Influence; Understanding the nature of influence in the workplace.
  11. Leading Change; The principles of communicating and making change happen.
  12. Collaboration; Creating communities that thrive.
  13. Course resources; Download all the tools and templates for easy application.



Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone that has managerial responsibilities but has never had any formal training in the area.  Ideal for new managers and supervisors, but often equally beneficial to the more experienced who have learnt on the job over their careers.  These tools will lift your confidence and ability, building lasting skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

What Will You Learn?

Aim of the course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Introduce your own reflective journal.
  • Provide real clarity of purpose to your team.
  • Enable your team to prioritise accurately.
  • Use powerful coaching techniques daily.
  • Understand the skills level development needs within your team, and prescribe meaningful learning solutions that will deliver results.
  • Make hourly decisions about how you will get the best out of different situations.
  • Delegate effectively and in a way people will welcome.
  • Hold conversations with team members that are both motivational and developmental.
  • Deal with difficult situations in an effective way that brings change for good.
  • Increase your ability to influence in all kinds of scenarios.
  • Develop and lead change programmes.
  • Create a team that feel safe and prosperous.
  • Increase morale and staff retention.

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Remote UK & International Training Delivery

iManage are running a Management Foundation Open Course
28th September 2023

Don’t miss the opportunity to join our Open Course. What you can expect:

  • Online Delivery
  • Includes 12 months access to
  • Cost per person £480+VAT
  •  Learn how to modify your management approach based on the situation you find.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively in 4 steps.
  • Understand the importance of being a manager that empowers their team.
  • Understand how to set and communicate motivating objectives.
  • Understand how to set team standards through effective use of motivational feedback.
  • Learn how to performance manage.
  • Learn the only three types of developmental feedback you will ever need.

Learn more about the topics covered and why you should attend by downloading our Course Overview.

Fundamentals Management Training Case Study with Mersen

iManage Performance partnered with Mersen to standardise management practices via a global management fundamentals program.


  • Challenge: Mersen sought to standardise management practices among its 6,000+ global employees.
  • Solution: iManage Performance Ltd designed a blended course covering leadership, communication, decision-making, and performance management for Mersen’s 1100 managers.
  • Results: The program, with 1100 global participants, recorded a 90%+ satisfaction rating and significant competency improvements.
  • Partnership: Following the program’s success, Mersen commissioned iManage Performance Ltd for more employee development programs, cementing an ongoing partnership.

The successful collaboration between iManage Performance Ltd and Mersen exemplifies how tailored learning solutions can enhance organisational performance and foster long-term partnerships.

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