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Giving customers an exceptional experience will make them loyal to your business and willing to refer you to others. Customer retention through exceptional service should be the focus of any business alongside investment in its people. Our sales, marketing and customer service courses give you the skills to identify, create and convert new opportunities and retain them.

Whilst technology progresses and trends come and go, some things remain constant. The art of selling and great customer service relies on developing trust and great relationships.

At iManage Performance, we contextualise our courses by inviting real scenarios that we can explore as a group alongside the use of proven sales and customer care techniques. This accelerates learning. By attending one of our courses across, your people will become more confident and assertive in their approach to sales and customer care.

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Training Courses FAQs

How much is this course?

Our courses are designed for you the client, which means that the pricing structure is also specific for you the client. We work with huge and tiny companies, always finding appropriate pricing models for each of them.

Do you use powerpoint for your courses?

Our training courses are highly engaging and designed to challenge you to think and act. We don’t believe a powerpoint presentation delivers this, so we never use it for any of our courses.

What resources will I receive on your courses?

All attendees will receive professionally printed A5 workbooks covering every aspect of the training delivered. These make a great reference resource for the future and can be supplied in electronic format too.

How experienced are your trainers?

All of our trainers come with many years of real world operational experience. They are able to bring maturity of thinking and the experience of real life situations into the training room.

Why does my business need Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Training?

Sales, Marketing and Customer Service are essential aspects of any business and are pivotal areas in attracting customers and retaining existing ones. Happy, delighted customers are key to competitive advantage and business success. Regardless of how talented your employees are, you will want your teams aligned and working together to represent your brand and your company. The ability to make customers feel valued makes a real difference.

Do your trainers have business experience?

Our experienced Sales and Procurement trainers all have industry experience and will include real world examples in the course, including how to successfully plan and close sales and how to effectively communicate with customers.

Who are these courses suitable for?

Our courses are suitable for anyone in your business who works in Sales, Marketing or Customer Service. Our Successful Sales training is designed specifically for anyone who is new to sales, but also gives a good refresher to anyone keen to hone and further develop their communication and selling skills.

Our Customer Care courses are suitable for anyone in your business who deals with customers. Our practical one-day courses will teach even the most experienced members of staff new approaches to customer service from valuing and dealing with complaints to keeping promises and how to have difficult conversations.

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