Recruitment Interviewing

A course designed to enhance the ability to effectively interview and
select the right candidate.
• How to define the job competencies.
• How to use behavioural based questioning.
• Dealing with trait based answers.
• Using a questioning model.
• How to define strength base questioning.
• Structuring the interview meeting.
• Assessment methods.

How much is this course?

Our courses are designed for you the client, which means that the pricing structure is also specific for you the client. We work with huge and tiny companies, always finding appropriate pricing models for each of them.

Do you use powerpoint for your courses?

Our training courses are highly engaging and designed to challenge you to think and act. We don’t believe a powerpoint presentation delivers this, so we never use it for any of our courses.

What resources will I receive on your courses?

All attendees will receive professionally printed A5 workbooks covering every aspect of the training delivered. These make a great reference resource for the future and can be supplied in electronic format too.

How experienced are your trainers?

All of our trainers come with many years of real world operational experience. They are able to bring maturity of thinking and the experience of real life situations into the training room.

Who Is This Course For?

  • For anyone who is involved in the recruitment process.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to define the key questions that you need to be asking.
  •  How to ask your questions in a robust way that shows
    evidence of competence.
  • How to spot trait based answers and what to do with them.
  •  How to decide what to ask if the person doesn’t have direct
    previous experience in the area you are recruiting.
  •  How to plan and run the interview meeting itself.
  • Ways in which you can robustly assess one candidate against

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