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In our online, digital world, fixed desk working is, perhaps, a thing of the past. Most of us now to work at least part of the time remotely from our main place of work. Indeed, the term ‘ digital nomad’ has grown in use for people that see the world as their office. But as a manager, we still need to ensure that things are being done and that standards are being met.

How can you go about managing remote workers or teams effectively when you don’t see them regularly? How can you support and motivate someone in the same way?

In this engaging one day course, we explore the dimensions of a team and how it is affected by remote working. We look at how we can retain trust when we can’t see what is happening as readily as when we are together. We also look at how different dynamics are created when workers go remote and how we can keep a sense of team and retain productivity.

This unique course follows a very successful pilot and programme at East Sussex County Council. It has also led to an academic tie in with Brighton University.

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Managing Remote Workers FAQs

Is there any new academic insight into managing remote teams?

Yes, we work with one of the UK’s leading professors researching the impact of technology in the workplace. A range of new ‘eLeadership’ styles have recently emerged that provide new ways of understanding remote team management.

Does this course cater for managing staff in international locations?

Our research and lessons provide great insight into management in a multinational
environment. You will learn new ways to increase your ability to manage and lead your people effectively, wherever they are own the world?

What if my team is all located in the same place, but I there manager work remotely?

This is a common scenario, often times with multiple collective teams spread around the country or even world. This course will help support your ability to work amongst these different groups as a great manager.

Remote Working Tips

  • Create and look for opportunities to bump into others.  Remote workers lose lots of the social interaction, so look for opportunities to collide with others as often as possible.  Doesn’t matter where, or how, but the research tells us bumping into others will aid collaboration greatly.
  • Create a team social media group.  Choose whatever platform is preferred and start a group for your team.  Use it for everything and anything, help to build the dialogue between your members by posing questions and or posting useful insights and information.
  • Encourage the escalation of issues and risks.  It’s easy for remote workers to feel isolation with more difficult issues or risks.  Create an environment where every can easily highlight potential issues and current risks for your management support and input.
  • Recognise physical meetings have a new purpose.  When you do get people together there’s the work to be done, but there is also a new purpose for the meeting.  It is simply to chat and catch up, share what’s gone well and what some of the challenges have been.  Add this time to the agenda, it’s as important as any other item you will list.

Who Is This Course For?

Managers and Heads of Departments faced with their workers becoming remote

New managers who want to learn about team dynamics and management

What Will You Learn?

  • The dimensions of trust and its importance
  • Task level objective setting
  • Reporting for remote teams
  • Motivation and how it is affected by change
  • Keeping a sense of team


1 day

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