Management Development for Civil Engineering

Why Choose iManage?

  • +20 years experience – Our team has extensive experience of working with civil engineers in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA.
  • Tools and techniques for managers of operatives – Managing operatives provides unique challenges for managers. Our tools and techniques enable managers to create prosperous, safe and effective working environments.
  • Provide the skills your managers need – We can help you create an empowered workforce through increased ownership and clarity of role and task.


Management Development for Civil Engineering FAQs

Will this training improve staff retention?

Employees that are learning tend to change jobs less frequently, so developing your managers skills is core to their and their teams desire to stay rather than chase small increases in remuneration.

How will you deliver this training?

We would design your specific learning solution to fit your organisations needs.  We often split topics into modules and deliver those modules over a period of team as a programme.  The training workshops are highly engaging and can be designed for more pragmatic, action orientated learners.

Who Is This Course For?

The unique challenges of civil engineering require even greater management skills.  The difficulty of attracting and retaining operatives continues to grow, so having managers that people respect and want to work for is increasingly a differentiating factor in the job market.  Improving staff retention will also result from high skilled managers in this sector.  When people are learning, they are more likely to stay engaged.

What Will You Learn?

  • Create an empowered workforce.
  • Enable managers to deal with a variety of situations in an effective way.
  • Provide skill in communicating and feedback whether it is motivational or developmental.
  • Increase competence and confidence to lead.
  • Enable your people to grow in line with and as the business grows.
  • Provide tangible tools and techniques that are proven to work in civil engineering environments.
  • Increase clarity of behavioural and operational expectations.
  • Support managers in being able to develop their people.

Want to develop your Leadership and Management skills?

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