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Remote and hybrid work is becoming the new normal. A rapid shift towards remote working is here to stay as 73% of employees would like to work from home on a permanent basis. This has had a dramatic effect on how people manage their own workload and communicate with colleagues. Aside from professional life, it also has an effect on people’s work life balance but not always in a positive way. Transitioning from office-based to virtual teamwork requires new processes and mindsets. Our Remote Team Working course provides managers the strategies their staff need to collaborate and succeed in remote and distributed environments.

Half Day Course: Remote Teams Training

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This is the sister course to our ‘Managing remote teams’ course. It offers an employee centric view of working remotely and how to adapt so that we continue to bring our best. It offers useful communication, planning and reporting techniques and explores how we can continue feeling a sense of morale and team even when we are not physically around our colleagues.

This is an increasingly topical and important course and one of the first of its kind. It has been developed from our experience in developing and running several large ‘agile working’ programmes that focused on both managers and employees. The success of these courses informed various articles and also saw us work with Brighton University in how remote working affects worker psychology.

Online Remote Working Academy

You can now join our online remote working academy, which features hours of video led training from our expert team. Start learning about remote working, remotely! Please click here. 

Remote Managers Programme
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We’ll guide you through methodologies that advance team dynamics, sustain iterative feedback and help managers to adopt a more proactive set of skills to effectively manage virtual teams and workers.

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Being an Effective Remote Team Worker

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Using high definition video led learning, we equip employees with methods to overcome common remote working challenges including how to cope with isolation and flourish as a team member working remotely.

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Remote Team Working Courses FAQs

I regularly work in a difference location to my colleagues and boss, does this make me a remote team member?

If you are working from a different physical location than your manager and most other colleagues, even if just some of the time, you are considered part of a remote or hybrid team.

Some examples that would make you a remote team member include:

  • You work from a branch office while the rest of your team is at company headquarters
  • You work from home 2 days per week while your coworkers are in the office 5 days
  • You are full-time remote but the majority of your team works on-site
  • You are contracted or freelance and work outside of the office that employs you
  • You travel frequently for your job and are often working in virtual settings
  • You are part of a fully distributed team with members dispersed across locations

The key distinction is your lack of physical proximity and in-person contact with your direct team on a day-to-day basis. This brings unique challenges like decreased visibility, connecting across time zones, and communicating through technology.

Our remote team training provides strategies and mindsets to help employees in all these situations thrive and collaborate effectively despite the distance. Contact us to discuss training options tailored to your specific remote work arrangements.

Will this course help me to work better with my remote colleagues?

We will show you how to deal with a number of the issues that can emerge when working in remote teams, enable you to improve how you and your colleagues work together.

You will learn tips and tactics to bridge physical gaps between you and remote colleagues. We aim to prevent issues with communication delays, misalignment, and relationship disconnects that can emerge on hybrid teams with some on-site and some distributed members. The course will provide both mindsets and skills to help you work cohesively with colleagues across locations. Let us know if you have any other questions!

How is remote working different than office-based work?

Remote work brings unique challenges like lack of face-to-face collaboration, decreased visibility, distractions at home, communications through technology, and feelings of isolation. Our course teaches strategies to overcome these issues.

Can this training be delivered completely online?

Yes, the remote team working course can be taken through a live virtual classroom session or on-demand at any time. Both online formats provide an engaging learning experience.


Why Choose Us?

At iManage Performance, we offer more than just theory and concepts – our remote teamworking courses provide the skills and tools your workforce needs to operate effectively home offices and more. Our expert instructors equip your staff with strategies to:

  • Communicate clearly despite physical distance
  • Stay engaged with teammates and culture
  • Block distractions and boost productivity
  • Adopt mindsets and habits to thrive remotely long-term

We know what works in practice, not just on paper. With over 20 years experience training remote workers globally, trust us to set your teams up for success.

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Don’t let your workforce simply muddle through remote work – empower them to excel outside the office. Contact our expert training specialists today to discuss implementing remote team working training. Call +44 (0)1444 474247 or to learn more and book a session for your organisation. Equip your people with the capabilities needed to stay connected, productive and fulfilled in remote working environments.


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