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Authentic, credible leadership has never been needed more than today. But what creates effective leaders and leadership? How do you encourage people to follow? Inspiring leaders produce remarkable results and incredible teams. They motivate and retain talent and rise to the needs of the organisation. They have a communication style that is not only engaging but infectious. They create vision but with clarity that teams buy in to easily. They engage and encourage in equal measure. In our leadership courses we cover the classic authentic styles of leadership as well as what it takes to be a great leader in the 21st century. Using real world examples  proven academic models, latest thinking and our own original insights, our courses explore all dimensions of leadership.

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Leadership Courses FAQs

How much is this course?

Our courses are designed for you the client, which means that the pricing structure is also specific for you the client. We work with huge and tiny companies, always finding appropriate pricing models for each of them.

Do you use powerpoint for your courses?

Our training courses are highly engaging and designed to challenge you to think and act. We don’t believe a powerpoint presentation delivers this, so we never use it for any of our courses.

What resources will I receive on your courses?

All attendees will receive professionally printed A5 workbooks covering every aspect of the training delivered. These make a great reference resource for the future and can be supplied in electronic format too.

How experienced are your trainers?

All of our trainers come with many years of real world operational experience. They are able to bring maturity of thinking and the experience of real life situations into the training room.

Who Is This Course For?

Leadership is an integral part of management, they go hand in hand when becoming a truly influential individual. Leadership is however independent to any specific role or position in an organisational hierarchy. So this course is fantastic for anyone who is, or is aspiring to become an organisational manager. It will enable you to consider the split between how operational verses strategic you are; and or need to be in the role that you have. Mastering leadership skills will transform your management behaviour enabling true team empowerment in a way you may have previously thought impossible.

Course Content:

  1. Welcome and introduction; Setting your personal goals of the session.
  2. Authentic Leadership qualities; Understanding the authentic leadership ‘chameleon’ dilemma.
  3. Empowerment; Fully empowering the team through the clarity and competence pillars.
  4. Strategic vs operational choices; Defining your approach using the helipad exercise.
  5. Making informed changes in your approach; Using a skill / will situational leadership model.

What Will You Learn?

Aim of the Leadership course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand how authentic leadership requires you to flex your approach to suit the situation that you are facing.
  • Develop a solid leadership foundation, including defining your personal values that enable you to become an easy to follow (consistent) leader.
  • Enable you to understand the roles of clarity and competence when empowering your team.
  • Assess your specific ability to switch between strategic and operational responsibilities, and build a plan to work on this in the future.
  • Learn how to nuance your behaviours based upon the individual people and scenarios in your team.
  • Develop clear approaches to defining how you need to get the best out of the team members.
  • Build a solid approach to setting tasks / objectives, providing developmental feedback when performance is lacking and motivational feedback when it’s going well.
  • Learn exactly how much you should give both motivational and developmental feedback.
  • Know when you need to be firm and when you can be relaxed.
  • Develop the ability to effectively delegate using our unique four levels of delegation.
  • Transform your leadership and management to new levels of effectiveness, through tried and tested best practice techniques.

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Management & Leadership Training Case Study with Colas Europe

iManage Training Courses

A week-long training with iManage Performance and leaders across 12 countries at Colas Europe created an inspiring international learning atmosphere. A week together really does change the dynamic for good. It energises the group, allows more openness and deeper thinking, generates a sense of shared experience, and stronger commitments to change. It is learning on a totally different level to micro or short events. If you want to make waves in your organisation, reconsider the longer learning intervention; it’s a game changer, honestly.

Our training covered topics such as:

  • Leadership skills and theories,
  • Thinking out of the box ways to lead and boost their businesses,
  • The importance of creativity, coaching, and influencing in their work positions,
  • Gain new reflexes using Colas Core Values as cornerstones.

Leadership & Management Development Case Study with Bethell

iManage Performance Ltd, a leadership training provider, recently developed a customised management and leadership training programme for Bethell Ltd, a UK-based civil engineering and construction company.


  • Needs Analysis and Scoping: iManage Performance Ltd conducted thorough needs analysis to understand Bethell Ltd’s challenges and training needs. They identified key areas for development such as communication skills, leadership capabilities, and decision-making processes.
  • Designing the Training Programme: Based on the analysis, an interactive, flexible, and industry-relevant training programme was designed.
  • Delivering the Training Programme: The programme was delivered by experienced trainers over several weeks, with various engaging techniques used for participant engagement.
  • Evaluation and Follow-Up: Post-training, an evaluation was carried out to measure the programme’s effectiveness, with ongoing support and recommendations provided for further development.

Through a tailored and consultative approach, iManage Performance Ltd successfully enhanced Bethell Ltd’s leadership capabilities, communication skills, and decision-making processes, contributing to the company’s overall success.

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