Virtual classroom

We regularly use virtual classrooms to deliver our training sessions to smaller groups. This delivery method is increasingly popular for groups and teams that are geographically spread but want to have some of the benefits of traditional face to face learning.

Technology now allows virtual sessions to be just as immersive and proactive as being in the classroom; they are not a one sided presentation styled session with a trainer doing all the work. Tools and video mean that virtual classrooms can be just as engaging as face to face training.

We  bring the same energetic approach to virtual classrooms as our normal classroom based sessions. We are experienced in facilitating virtual sessions in an informal way and manage contributions from all participants for a rewarding learning experience.

Virtual classrooms can also be used as a bolt on to other learning methods in programmes. We have conducted virtual classroom sessions at a set time after a series of face to face sessions in order to explore and measure the impact of a programme. In such sessions we may look at what changed and look at an issues or thoughts that have come up since the initial sessions of the programme.

We also use them occasionally for coaching to small groups to support a wider programme. For example, we may run a virtual session to a senior management team to support a wider programme that we are running in their organisation.