Experts in Training Courses for Management & Leadership

As specialists in all forms of management training and leadership coaching, iManage Performance offers a wide range of courses and learning opportunities to help develop better business leaders.

Decision-making, managing change, and boosting productivity – are all skills that can be improved with management training. We’ve trained hundreds of remote workers and managers for over 20 years, leading successful training programmes with County Councils to global brands.

Leadership comes naturally to some – but even those who are inspired individuals who like to lead from the front can be given the skills to be more effective. Credible leaders can motivate staff, keep everyone engaged, and even help to retain top talent. Our leadership courses provide guidance on how to do this effectively.

At a high level of performance, executive coaching can be vital in fine-tuning the performance of one individual who has a great influence on how a business runs. We provide an executive coaching service that aims to help skilled leaders take their performance to the next level.

Remote Team Management & Hybrid Working

In the modern workplace, it is important to understand that many companies need to manage a remote or hybrid workforce. This takes a different set of skills and needs leadership with a nuanced approach. We offer remote and hybrid management courses to help those managing teams outside the office.

If you are interested in learning more about the management courses, leadership training or executive coaching that iManage Performance provides, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing

Watch Bob’s recent talk at the World of Learning Event and join us at the Working From Home Show where we’ll be speaking about ‘Possibly the most important lesson ever about remote working!‘.

What Our Customers Say

The programme streams were incredibly well received in the first year and led to extension of the initiative in year 2
Bethell Ltd
The evaluation process and ongoing support provided by iManage Performance Ltd helped to ensure that the training had a lasting impact on participants and contributed to the overall success of Bethell Ltd.
The success of the program has led to a long-term partnership between the two organisations
The whole programme has been highly successful and well received.
We found that iManage really listened to our requirement and they covered our key criteria when searching for a training provider
Now in its ninth year, ‘Management and Leadership in a changing world’ has become a highly sought after event within the Colas University
The outcome so far has been a 20% increase in appraisal take up.
Go Agile
The e-learning has been positively received by both managers and team members.

About iManage Performance

We are iManage Performance Ltd, a company that cares about making a difference with your learning and development budget.  We are here with the sole purpose of changing people for good through a process of challenging learners to think in new ways and to put new practices into daily action.

Our learning is always totally engaging, we never, ever, use PowerPoint during a workshop.  We always lean on rich insights from learning science to create brilliant learning experiences that are memorable and effective.  Our delivery methods range from traditional face-to-face to cutting-edge supported and social learning – we are your one-stop shop for 70/20/10 learning.  Check out our delivery methods page.

Our most popular training solutions include training programmes and individual courses covering; management, leadership, remote team working, remote team management, communication and organisational behaviour skills development.

Our unique ADAD (Awareness, Desire, Ability, Duplication) design model enables us to create learning that always hits the spot.  In fact, we are so confident in bringing about true development value for you our clients, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if people don’t change as a result of our work with you.

Get in contact with us today, to make a real difference with your L&D budget.

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Why are we in business?

To change people for good.

How do we do that?

By creating environments that challenge people to think and act.

What do we do?

Management, leadership and organisational skills development, using a blend of interventions from the traditional to the groundbreaking.

What’s more, if your people don’t change, you don’t have to pay us. We’re that committed!

iManage Training