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People are your organisation’s greatest asset. Treat them well and your business will go on to maximise its potential. How do you get the best from your people? How can you develop the right interpersonal skills to propel your teams? How can you ingrain a strong sense of morale throughout your business?

Leading management and business commentators and thought leaders suggest that people skills are more important than technical business skills. Our ability to motivate and lead will bring about greater rewards in terms of morale, loyalty and outputs which will in turn create greater returns.

Our range of people skills courses, often known as soft skills, will help you harness the best talent in your organisation and create close dynamic teams and relationships. Our soft skills courses help to develop confident, assertive people and teams.

People skills are essential in professional life at any level and our courses can be tailored to suit any learning and skills objective. We regularly work with senior teams and build cohesive programmes for all levels within an organisation. So whatever your people’s objectives, we have a great course that will live up to our mission: Change People For Good.


People Skills Courses FAQs

What are people skills?

People skills are all about enhancing human interaction. They can be personal skills that you learn yourself, such as problem solving, or interpersonal skills that enable you to interact and collaborate with others more effectively.

People skills are essential for the smooth running of any business, particularly in sales, marketing, and customer service. People skills are important throughout the organisation for employees to get along, effectively communicate ideas, resolve conflict and achieve personal and business goals.

Will your course provide the opportunity to practise people skills?

We take a highly immersive approach to the learning experience to ensure everyone not only understands what they are learning, but are also able to put learnings into practice as soon as they go back to the workplace. Experiential learning is at the heart of everything we do. All of our sessions are inclusive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities to practise the skills being taught.

Why is it important to have people skills?

People skills help you to make positive choices about how you interact with other people.

These skills include self-awareness, the ability to listen, empathy, communication, trust and emotional regulation. People skills are extremely important in life, and are developed from a young age from making friends and interacting with peers at school to developing relationships in life and later interacting and asserting oneself in the work environment.

Why is it important to have people skills in business?

Good people skills enable you to listen, communicate and build working relationships with others. People skills are essential for the functioning of teams and interaction between staff, management and directors, and with customers. These soft interpersonal skills are used in business at every level from colleague co-operation and negotiation to resolving conflict, and problem solving and decision-making.

How do you develop people skills?

The foundation of people skills is emotional intelligence (EQ). Developing EQ improves your awareness of your own and others emotions, and enables you to think before you act. People skills are developed as you become more aware of your own and others emotions and your ability to positively impact the people around you.

Can anyone learn people skills?

Some people are good at people skills, but for many people these skills don’t come naturally – that’s where iManage courses can help. Our people skills courses teach managers and employees how to increase self-awareness, improve communication skills, and how to build better rapport within teams. Anyone can learn people skills.

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