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Great management is an absolutely vital element of the success of any business. An essential part of the leadership of a company, management affects everything from productivity and efficiency through to company culture and staff morale.

At iManage, we provide a range of proven leading management training for all levels of experience. Whether your business wants to get more from its senior management, or you have a team of budding leaders who need guidance and expertise, we can help.

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Management courses for leaders

Whether you are new to management, a seasoned senior manager or even a Director, an iManage management course will help to both hone your skills and inspire new ones.

Becoming the best manager that you can be requires professional development at all stages – this is where our courses are perfect. We can help you not only understand the foundation of good management, but also focus on the elements of management that you most need for the specifics of your business.

What our management courses cover

Organisations love our unique, innovative approach which explores classic management theory and best practice but also reflects real world application. We inject energy into every programme we run, creating inspirational, knowledgeable and confident 21st century managers.

Through our range of management courses, you can learn:

  • An introduction to management and understand the foundation of what makes a great manager
  • How to effectively manage change in your organisation
  • How to manage performance within your team
  • How to manage high performing teams and get more from even the most effective teams
  • How to more effectively interview and select the right candidate
  • How to coach your team to get more from them

Attending an iManage Performance management course will also contribute towards personal and professional development. All our training is based on the latest thinking and best practices.

Why choose iManage?

Management training is our bread-and-butter; It is how we started nearly 20 years ago, in fact we still have our original clients who come back time and again with new employees and teams.

We have worked with businesses across the country, providing their leaders with the training they need to be successful.


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