Management Development Training Programs

One of the biggest game changers for managers is the introduction of increased clarity of direction and activity. This course will transform your thinking about how you ensure the team are on track whilst increasing morale, motivation and performance. Managers who understand the importance of this and who have robust systems for aligning the teams activities will find that performance management will be second nature whilst becoming completely intuitive. Having confidence in setting motivating objectives that deliver on the thread that leads up into the functional and organisational vision will revolutionise your collective performance.

Course Content:

  1. Welcome and introduction; Setting your personal goals of the session.
  2. Narrowing the team focus; What happens when we change the teams focus to ensure the right things are prioritised over the many worthy things.
  3. The golden thread; How you can link your teams activities to those of the function, department and or organisation.
  4. Critical success factors; How to define and use critical success factors to increase clarity for your team.
  5. Objective setting; How to craft objectives that motivate.
  6. SMART objectives; How to create a SMART objective in a single sentence.
  7. Task empowerment; How to empower the task level.
  8. What to measure; The way to define Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  9. How to provide effective performance related feedback.
  10. Course resources; Download all the tools and templates for easy application


Who Is This Course For?

Everyone with any supervisory or managerial responsibility should attend this course. It will take the guess work out of performance management and enable new heights of performance in a way that your team will willingly aspire too. This is the perfect course if you are responsible for objective setting in any way, and will provide you with a clear and easy mechanism for assessing performance day by day.

What Will You Learn?

Aim of the course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of clarity in team performance.
  • Take organisational vision and functional / department plans and feed it into your teams activity.
  • Develop your teams critical success factors and learn how to use them to act as a constant barometer of task focus.
  • Reduce wasted resource caused by people focusing on the wrong things.
  • Increase the ability of the team to prioritise workload easily and simply.
  • Craft effective, consistent, motivational objectives that follow the SMART model.
  • Increase task level empowerment to enable individual delivery against objectives.
  • Monitor and measure performance.
  • Provide motivational and developmental feedback in a way that the whole team will buy into.

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Shake up those meta meetings!

What’s the single biggest organisational problem post pandemic?  Well, many would say online meeting behaviour.  So many people are struggling to chair effective meetings in this new world order.  There are the obvious challenges like people choosing to be invisible, but there are the bigger issues like low contribution, selective mute, utter disengagement and ultimately switching to observer mode.

Supporting your executives through coaching

Let’s face it, if you’ve reached any kind of executive level within an organisation, you can’t be too bad at what you do!   It’s also probably true to say that over the years you’ve had your fair share of management training.  You’ve seen the different models come and go, you’ve adopted some, adapted others and thrown out those that haven’t worked, and finally you’ve settled into the stylistic groove that has worked best for you.