Delivery Methods

If you can  think of a way of delivery learning, over the years we’ve probably done it!   We started with the traditional face to face workshop and a coaching capability to support our clients.  Then we thought it would be better if we could multiply the ‘touch points’ with the learner, so we introduced the idea of book-ending sessions online – a pre and post activity to increase the opportunity to embed the learning.  We added an experiential learning theatre capability via some brilliant actor bods; then bite sized learning started to get popular, for us another opportunity to reach out to the learner in the blended mix.  We added even more options via the tech revolution; virtual classrooms, SCORM compliant eLearning, personality profiling and a 360 appraisal tool.  Then we really pushed the boat out, producing (possibly) the only social learning tool in the world!  But we weren’t done, the youtube phenomenon and millennial mindset led us to hit video in a major way, so we added a studio, professional filming / editing capability, which we’ve wrapped up in our fantastic online academy.

All of this means you are looking at a learning company with one of the widest ranges of delivery methods out there.  All available to create a joined up blended offering that feel like one single experience for the learner (rather than a mash up of things from here, and other things from over there!).