Performance Management

This course deals with the three key aspects of strong performance management.  Setting the direction through goals and objectives, measuring performance in a consistent way and managing the performance of your team members.  This course will provide a complete suit of tools and approaches to enable you to transform the performance of your team.  Every manager should understand the importance of focusing the resource of the team to create momentum, concentrated energy and new levels of success.  Motivate you team with meaningful performance management skills.

Course Content:

  1. Welcome and introduction; Setting your personal goals of the session.
  2. Getting focus; How to narrow the focus of team performance.
  3. Looking into the power of objectives; Creating meaningful objectives.
  4. Scoping and setting balanced goals; Making sure objectives aren’t overpowering each other.
  5. Guiding success; How you create a focus barometer to keep everyone on track.
  6. Driving accountability; Developing ownership within the team.
  7. Following up results; The role of follow up in building the momentum and speed.
  8. Providing goal feedback; How to give motivational and developmental feedback.
  9. Motivating through success; Highlighting the wins along the way.
  10. Course resources; Download all the tools and templates for easy application.


Performance Management Courses FAQs

Why does my team need performance management?

Performance management provides many benefits that include, increase momentum towards the aims of the team / organisation; clarity for managers and individuals concerning what’s being worked on; it acts as a guide to ensure everyone is working on the most valuable things; it enables improvement and development of the team; it motivates; it increases performance.

Does this course cover giving feedback to my staff?

We will show you clearly how to give effective feedback whether it’s motivational and or
developmental, that the recipient will be willing to take into account and build on.

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Who Is This Course For?

Whether you are the manager of team that is under performing, or a team that needs to reach the next performance frontier, this course will be perfect for you. It will follow a logical step by step approach that can elevate the performance of you and the team.

What Will You Learn?

Aim of the course

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Connect the organisational vision with task level objectives.
  • Measure performance effectively.
  • Adapt your approach to performance management.
  • Write concise, specific and attainable objectives.
  • Understand key performance indicators.
  • Effectively support your staffs development.

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