Developing Motorsport Leaders

Our programs are designed specifically for the motorsport industry to help team principals, team managers, engineers, and even drivers and crew become more effective leaders on and off the track.

What We Do

Our work in the motorsport sector focuses on:

  • Strategic thinking – We help leaders set vision, define goals and make better decisions under pressure. Sessions combine case studies, role-playing and feedback.
  • Communication – Our workshops improve how leaders brief crews, collaborate with engineers and conduct media interviews.
  • Motivation – Through assessments and coaching, we teach leaders how to inspire peak performance from their teams.
  • Team dynamics – Our team-building exercises strengthen relationships and leadership. Leaders learn how to resolve conflicts and build trust.
  • Mental toughness – We train leaders in mental conditioning techniques used by top athletes. This includes stress management, visualisation, and mindfulness practices.
  • Empowerment – Creating environments where authority is given to those who have the information.


Student Motorsport Challenge

In addition to professional teams, we are also committed to developing future motorsport talent through initiatives like the Student Motorsport Challenge. This competition allows university students to build and race their own cars within a UK-based championship. Our leadership training helps these students improve teamwork, project management, decision making and other critical interpersonal skills.

Let iManage Performance develop the leadership potential of your own motorsport organisation or education program. Get in touch today to learn more and request a proposal.

Student Motorsport

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