Remote Working Training Courses across the UK

As teams have rapidly become geographically spread, our remote training courses help to fast-track managers’ and employees’ transition from being office based to working remotely. We guide you through methodologies that advance team dynamics, sustain iterative feedback and help managers to adopt a more proactive set of skills to effectively manage virtual teams and workers. Managers cannot bring their teams together as readily as they once did but they still need to maintain workflows and productivity.


We draw on over 20 years of real-world experience in the area of remote/hybrid working. Working with various organisations that have transitioned into more and more people working away from the office has given us broad expertise in the area of managing remote teams.

Remote Working Training Courses

Managing Remote Teams and Workers

In this engaging one-day course, we explore the dimensions of a team and how it is affected by remote working. We look at how we can retain trust, support, and motivation. We also look at how different dynamics are created when workers go remote and how we can keep a sense of team and retain productivity.

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Remote Team and Workers Training

This half-day course offers an employee-centric view of working remotely and how to adapt so that we continue to bring our best. It offers useful communication, planning, and reporting techniques and explores how we can continue feeling a sense of morale and team even when we are not physically around our colleagues.

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Remote UK & International Training Delivery

Challenges we’ll help you to overcome

There are often concerns around managing remote teams because the geographically dispersed workers present all kinds of new challenges:

  1. Remote workers often lose their grip on a healthy work-life balance as the separation between work and home life becomes less explicit.
  2. Remote workers begin to miss out on social learning opportunities which are commonplace in the office environment. They no longer sharpen their skills and refine best practices through observation and conversation with colleagues.
  3. There is a great deal of increased individual vulnerability, as well as organisational vulnerability.
  4. There are higher levels of organisational risk as workers begin to make decisions without the supervision of the office hierarchy.
  5. New team members spend a fraction of the time with their colleagues compared to those who join a team in an office, leading to slow socialisation.
  6. All these factors can contribute to a breakdown of trust between colleagues

Our courses cover these common challenges and are tailored to support your managers and teams in their specific roles whether they have recently changed or are looking to enhance their skills. 

Watch Bob’s presentation at the World of Learning event on enabling your workforce for remote working or discover our Most Important Lesson Ever About Managing Remote Workers

So how can managers retain a sense of team? How can they motivate from afar? How can we keep communication channels open and morale up? All of this and more is explored in this popular and increasingly important range of courses for managers of all levels, experience and sectors.

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Live Online Remote Working Training & Class Training Delivery Methods

Using a range of delivery methods, including interactive live virtual training sessions, we aim to explore and equip managers and employees with methods to overcome common remote working challenges:

  • As the separation between work and home life becomes less distinct, remote workers may struggle with a healthy work-life balance.
  • Reduced social learning opportunities through observation and conversation with office colleagues.
  • Higher levels of organisational risk under less supervision, and a potential breakdown of trust.


Remote Training Courses FAQs

Is remote management the same as agile management?

Agile is often a term used for remote working teams, but it is in fact a project management approach. Traditionally, agile teams worked together in closely located units on specific projects. Remote management or remote working refers to situations where team members are working in different locations, whether permanently or dynamically.

Is managing a remote team different to managing a team in the same place?

Some aspects of good management are clearly the same, but there are some significant
differences that the manager and the team need to be aware of.

For example, working in a team that is geographically spread can reduce the opportunity for social learning (learning from each other) so managers and teams need to recognise this and work out how to counter this problem.

It is also harder to build rapport, but there are several management techniques that we teach to foster better remote relationships.

What can I expect to learn?

Our Remote Training Courses identify the challenges faced when managing remotely and teach enhanced skills to improve the management of and communication with remote teams. Skills revolve around communication expertise, relationship building, coaching, delegating and the development of trust.

Importantly, we teach managers the important skills required to motivate teams based in a variety of geographical locations and how to develop an engaged, dynamic remote team.

Do you run courses for remote employees?

Yes. We understand that the effective management of remote workers is largely down to management skills, but employees also need to know how to effectively manage their workload and communicate with colleagues when they are working remotely too.

Our Remote Team Working Course offers useful communication, planning and reporting techniques to remote employees to improve workload management, and help them work better with colleagues and managers.



Online Remote Working Training Video Lessons

You can now join our online remote working academy, which features hours of video-led training from our expert team. Start learning about remote working, remotely!

Remote Managers Programme

We’ll guide you through methodologies that advance team dynamics, sustain iterative feedback and help managers to adopt a more proactive set of skills to effectively manage virtual teams and workers.

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Being an Effective Remote Team Worker

Using high definition video-led learning, we equip employees with methods to overcome common remote working challenges including how to cope with isolation and flourish as a team member working remotely.

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