Face to face

Traditional face-to-face delivery is still the most successful and immersive training channel and it remains ever popular with learners. Like many training companies, this is how we began. Nearly 20 years on, we have learned a lot. Face-to-face remains at the heart of what we do and has informed our blended training channels.

We have a renowned energetic, informal style of delivery underpinned by learning science and real-world experience. All of our trainers have held senior leadership and management roles so bring a wealth of contextual knowledge to each course.

We inject energy into the room and facilitate sessions to be inclusive and engaging. We promise that we will never resort to death by PowerPoint in any of our sessions. This formula has brought clients back year after year and we are proud to still work with some of our original clients.


Face to Face Delivery

Management Courses

Our successful, innovative management training courses teach a blend of theory, best practices and real-world examples that inspire leaders and provide them with the essential skills needed to be a great managers. From adapting to change to managing performance, coaching and interview techniques, we provide comprehensive training to fit the unique demands of each business and individual.

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Face to Face Delivery

Leadership Courses

Leadership is an integral part of management, they go hand in hand when becoming a truly influential individual. Leadership is however independent of any specific role or position in an organisational hierarchy. So this course is fantastic for anyone who is or is aspiring to become an organisational manager.

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Management & Leadership Training Case Study with Colas Europe

iManage Training Courses

A week-long training with iManage Performance and leaders across 12 countries at Colas Europe created an inspiring international learning atmosphere. A week together really does change the dynamic for good. It energises the group, allows more openness and deeper thinking, generates a sense of shared experience, and stronger commitments to change. It is learning on a totally different level to micro or short events. If you want to make waves in your organisation, reconsider the longer learning intervention; it’s a game changer, honestly.

Our training covered topics such as:

  • Leadership skills and theories,
  • Thinking out of the box ways to lead and boost their businesses,
  • The importance of creativity, coaching, and influencing in their work positions,
  • Gain new reflexes using Colas Core Values as cornerstones.