Emotional intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence or EQ has come to the fore in recent years, particularly within business education, and for good reason. Research has consistently shown that people with high levels of EQ are more successful than those with low EQ and far outperform those with high intelligence. EQ is the secret to high levels of success and the great news is that unlike IQ, it can be improved.

We’ve made self reflection a key part of many of our courses for the past 10 years. This informed the development of our popular Profiling Choices tool. We therefore know a thing or two about EQ and how it can be harnessed to bring about business success.

This immersive and sometimes challenging course explores all dimensions of EQ and how it relates to teams, management, leadership and sustainable relationships. Whilst we contextualise it around a business environment, the learning outcomes are life skills that will enhance life both professional and personal.

Emotional Intelligence FAQs

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (known as EQ) is a form of social intelligence that helps you to monitor your own emotions, manage them, recognise the impact you are having on others and adapt your behaviour to manage the others emotional response.

Is social intelligence and emotional intelligence the same thing?

They are not social sciences and they are very closely linked. Emotional intelligence deals with emotional awareness in self and others, social intelligence deals with the social impact we have on each other. Often these two areas are discussed as one, although technically they do have their own unique academic foundations.

Latest Emotional Intelligence Resources and Guidance

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