People Skills and Communication

People Skills and Communication

Working with Stress - Re-energise
Duration: 1 day

A thought-provoking course which helps delegates to understand how to work with stress and manage the effect it has on themselves and others.

Course content

Focus on stress
Appreciating stress and the effects is has on us

Managing stress
Controlling ourselves and others

Stress reduction
Working with our mind and body

Working with stress
Focussing on the now and the future

What delegates will learn

  • Recognising the effects stress has on the body and mind
  • How to take more control of our lives
  • How diet and exercise can significantly reduce the effects of stress
  • Easy to use relaxation techniques
  • Plan for a more stress-free life
  • How our minds can affect our levels of stress and how to change this

This course is for anyone who is feeling the effects of  stress and wants to learn how to re-energise

Time Management
Duration: 1 day

A highly practical day using delegate’s actual workload in the course to make a tangible link between classroom and workplace demands.

Course content

Knowing the destination and getting clarity

The keys to task prioritisation

Directing self
Being ‘Response-able’
Smart devices

Managing the impact of others on your time

What delegates will learn

  • Learn the memorable FIDO principles
  • Understand how critical it is to be focused
  • Learn how to prioritise and deal with tasks effectively
  • Learn how to take control and direct your own behaviours
  • Understand how you can manage others to minimise impact and maximise effectiveness
  • Pick up a host of other tips and tools
  • Prepare for tomorrow using your actual work

For anyone who has a heavy workload and deadlines in a demanding working environment

Telephony at its Best
Duration: 1 day

A practical course full of exercises designed to improve the effectiveness of making phone calls. If your calls matter then this course will hone your technique and skills.

Course content

About conversation
The fundamental aspects of human conversation

From experience
Frustrations and successes explored

Cilent interfaces
Scripts and jargon free terminology

6 simple techniques to hone your telephony.

What delegates will learn

  • Understand the implications, pitfalls and implement the right strategies when all we get is the voice
  • Know what switches people off and on
  • Get the perspective of the other person and tailor your words and voice to build effective rapport fast
  • Learn 6 simple techniques you can use every day
  • How to deal with difficult situations that you may face
  • Explore what makes up a brilliant conversation

This course is for anyone whose job revolves around heavy use of phone calls such as call centres, cold calling and customer support roles.

Problem solving and decision making
Duration: 2 days

A challenging course which guides delegates through an effective process for solving problems and making informed decisions.

Course content

Re-framing issues
The value of outcome thinking

Rooting around
Understanding thinking patterns

Problem solving
Creative techniques for problem solving

Decision making
Making the right choice

What delegates will learn

  • To be more confident in their abilities
  • How to think in a more positive and visionary way
  • How to identify the stakeholders and who to involve in the process
  • Tools to break down conventional analysis techniques
  • To define and prioritise the decision-making criteria
  • Evaluate the options effectively & weigh up risks
  • Implement the solution

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their current ways of problem solving and who would like to feel more confident in the decisions they make.


Presentation skills - Advanced
Duration: 2 days

A challenging and practical course which shows delegates how to present in an engaging and memorable way.

Course content

Understanding audience demographics

Getting the structure and timing spot on

Taking your presentation to the next level

Handling hostile questions Video review and actions

What delegates will learn

  • How to ensure your presentation fits the needs and expectations of your  audience
  • Engage the audience using advanced NLP tools
  • Manage nerves in a high pressure situation
  • To make the message stand out using your own effective notes
  • To use different and unusual techniques to create a memorable presentation
  • Handle difficult questions with confidence

This course is for people who have experience of presenting and now want to hone their skills further.


Presentation skills
Duration: 2 days

Whatever your experience, this course will raise your game and provide tangible improvements in your presentation ability.

Course content

Understanding how to position your deck to your audience

Getting a tight structure that works every time

Making your presentations memorable

Delivering with confident professionalism

What delegates will learn

  • To plan a presentation in a way that connects with the audience
  • How to evaluate and understand the audience
  • What makes good and poor presentations, and how you can impress every time
  • How to improve your voice and overcome nerves
  • How to present with power and authority
  • How to use time and space effectively
  • To get more confidence for that next presentation

For people who want to increase their confidence and ability in giving great presentations.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Duration: Half day

A great course for anyone wanting to find out how the remarkable area of NLP can enhance both their professional and personal live.

Course content

What is NLP?
The study of human excellence

NLP principles
The background principles of NLP
Making greater use of our senses

Using the brain
Understanding the brain
Using language

Outcome thinking
Practicing outcome thinking

What delegates will learn

  • The importance of flexibility, senses, rapport and outcomes
  • How to value and use senses more effectively
  • Rapport and what it does for us
  • How behaviour breeds behaviour
  • Become more flexible in approaching situations
  • Understand the link between beliefs and behaviour
  • Be able to control reactions and be more confident
  • Become an outcome thinker

This course is for those who want to be confident, perform better and be more effective at communicating.

Negotiation as a life skill
Duration: 1 day

This course is for anyone that may need to negotiate and influence when it isn't a core part of their role. It shows how negotiation contains important skills that are transferrable in other areas of life..

Course content

The basics
The 4 steps in getting ready to negotiate

Working on behaviour
Learning what to say and do

Getting the menu
Obtaining and using all the variables

Life scenarios
Practicing day to day negotiation

What delegates will learn

  • Why preparation is so vital
  • How to prepare for even minor negotiations
  • How negotiators use words and body language to influence situations.
  • To find all the negotiation variables and use them to good effect
  • Practice in a safe environment
  • How negotiation is day to day real life situation and how to use this positively

This course will help people who want to enhance their ability to influence others positively and effectively.

Negotiating Commercial Outcomes
Duration: 2 days

This course will take your negotiation skills to a new level for commercial deals large and small.

Course content

The battlefield
Understanding the territory of commercial negotiation

Getting ready
preparing for negotiation in a structured way

Advanced behaviour
12 behavioural approaches to choose from

Practice in a commercial roleplay scenario

What delegates will learn

  • Consideration of both sides of the negotiation
  • Introduction of a structured approach to effective negotiation preparation
  • The difference between tactical and strategic negotiation
  • 12 behavioural approaches to effective negotiations
  • How to put everything into practice in a safe commercial workshop scenario

A great course for those that are involved in negotiating commercial arrangements and contracts.


Meeting management
Duration: 1 day

This course will show you how to lead effective meetings by introducing a framework that works whatever the meeting topic.

Course content

Do I need a meeting?
Exploring right and wrong reasons for meetings

Getting ready
Using a structured approach to preparation

8 Rules of good meeting practice

What was all that about?
What must happen post meeting?

What delegates will learn

  • When and if a meeting is needed
  • How to make use of different types of meeting
  • The preparation imperative; whether running it or just attending
  • How to effectively contribute to meetings
  • Alternative minute taking methods
  • The significance of not following up actions
  • Do’s and Don'ts of meeting behaviour
  • A structure that can be used again and again

This course is for anyone who attends or runs meetings but wants to make them more effective.

Interpersonal skills
Duration: 1 day

A fun and challenging course which will help delegates to explore interpersonal relationships and improve their skills.

Course content

Valuing self-awareness
The effect of behaviour on others

Working with others
Different behavioural styles and human interactions

The human skills. Practicing skills

Sending correct messages. Clever questioning

Being positive
The power of choice. Being pro-active versus being reactive

What delegates will learn

  • Identification of personal style and the effect it can have on others
  • Appreciate the value of being self-aware
  • Understand behaviour, how to develop or change it
  • How to communicate more effectively and send clear messages
  • Understand the power of questions
  • Create more choices in life & achieve a more positive outlook

This course is for anyone looking to improve their relationships with others whether in an organisation or socially.

Influencing with integrity
Duration: 1 Day

An interesting course which explores the key skills of effective influencers and how we can do it whilst maintaining integrity and trust.


Defining influencing. Open and Hidden methods

Defining objectives and gathering information

The human skills. Practicing skills

Creating benefits for all and crafting a plan

What delegates will learn

  • The definition of the influencer
  • What makes a good influencer?
  • The value of inclusion and integrity
  • How to use the hidden skills of effective influencers
  • Appreciation of other perspectives
  • The importance of planning and preparation
  • Understanding motivating factors
  • How to put it all into practice

This course is for anyone who would like to be more effective at influencing others in different situations.

Facilitation Skills
Duration: 1 Day

A highly interactive course which teaches the fundamentals of facilitation. The day includes with plenty of chances to practice new-found skills.


What is facilitation?
A definition of facilitation and how it can be used

The facilitation process
Using key steps. Process vs content

Facilitation methods
Choosing the right style at the right time

Handling problems
How to handle difficult situations and people

What delegates will learn

  • The role of the facilitator
  • Practical skills needed for various situations
  • Learn how to separate process from content
  • Confidence to handle different types of behaviour and personalities in the group
  • Basic problem solving techniques
  • How to utilise left and right brain thinking
  • Practice facilitation in a safe environment
  • Intervention techniques

This course if for anyone who finds themselves chairing or facilitating meetings or training sessions.

Effective Writing
Duration: 1 Day

An effective and fun course that will provide simple techniques for developing writing skills.  


How to prepare and set the scene.

Plain English
Writing clearly and jargon free.

Techniques for effective proof reading. More than just spellchecking!

Designing and presenting content

What delegates will learn

  • Planning and writing memorable and content
  • Produce persuasive arguments and storytelling
  • Illustrate content effectively
  • Lay out the information effectively for maximum impact
  • Confidently structure professional documents
  • Improve the way you communicate in writing

This course is for non-professional writers that are still tasked with producing content and would like some practical ways of enhancing their writing skills.

Creativity and Innovation
Duration: 1 Day

A fun and engaging course exploring the complex area of innovation and tests creative thinking techniques.


Why innovate?
Innovation and creativity in the modern world.

The brain
How the brain works and how to engage it creatively

Creativity – the how
A smorgasbord of creative techniques

Selling new ideas
Overcoming obstacles when implementing ideas

What delegates will learn

  • The need to create and innovate
  • How to engage both sides of the brain
  • A wide range of interesting creativity techniques
  • Actively involve others in creative problem solving
  • How to test options for practicability and relevance
  • Implement solutions and overcome obstacles
  • Enhance everyday performance

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their problem solving and analytical skills by thinking more creatively.

Coaching skills
Duration 1 Day

A lively course which teaches the fundamentals of coaching using key tools and techniques.

Course content

Why coach?
The value of coaching and who we can coach

What is coaching?
What it is and isn’t. The role of the coach.

Coaching skills
Key skills practice. Directive vs non-directive.

Post coaching
Creating action plans and building a support plan.

What delegates will learn

  • The true definition of coaching
  • The role of the coach and coachee
  • Creating the right environment and setting ground rules
  • The qualities of a coach
  • How to remain non-judgemental
  • To listen with clarity
  • To use a structured process
  • Practice fundamental tools and techniques
  • Gain confidence in their ability as a coach
  • Create clear goals and action plan

This course is for anyone who is involved in developing others at any level.

Change Management
Duration 1 Day

A great course that really gets down to what makes change work or fail in busy organisations.


Why change?
Understand the reasons that things change

Human change
Learn how people respond to change

Successful change
The 8 steps to great change programmes

Personal change
Learn how to manage change without the strain

What delegates will learn

  • What happens when there is no change
  • Understand how and why people react to change
  • Learn 8 steps to create a powerful effective change programme
  • Develop skills in managing self and others through change situations
  • Reduce stress associated with change
  • Learn to embrace change with confidence

This course is for people who are facing organisational change and for those tasked with change management.

Assertion in the Workplace
Duration 1 Day

This course will explore what assertion is and how it can be applied. It will differentiate between passive and aggressive assertiveness making it accessible for everyone. This one day course is designed to give delegates a new confidence and dynamism.


Understanding assertion
How it differs from other forms of behaviour

Thoughts and feelings
Changing your internal programming

Staying in control
handling personal attacks

Standing your ground
Practicing six types of assertion

What delegates will learn

  • Explore what assertion really is
  • How to identify the barriers to assertion
  • Deal with internal issues that hinder you
  • Learn how to deal with personal attacks effectively and assertively while staying in control
  • Learn six strategies for assertive behaviour and how to use them.
  • Practice assertion in a safe environment

This course is for anyone with a desire to increase their presence, influence and ability to be heard and valued in the work place.

Anger management
Duration 1 Day

A one day course that helps delegates understand anger and provides them with strategies for controlling and reducing it.


What is anger?  How can anger be defined and recognised, triggers
Assetiveness - rights and responsibilites
Control - changing behaviour and creating new responses
Practice for the future - testing new tools and techniques

What delegates will learn

  • Where anger comes from and the emotional triggers.
  • Control emotions and responses in a more appropriate way.
  • How to assert themselves effectively.
  • Use cognitive techniques to to help when times get tough.
  • Relaxation techniques which will help ease the pressure

This course is for anyone who would like to improve their relationships with others where anger is playing a part.