Bethell Ltd



iManage Performance Ltd is a management and leadership training provider that has been delivering customized training programmes for over 25 years. The company specializes in designing bespoke training solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, enabling them to improve their leadership, management and overall performance.

One of their recent clients is Bethell Ltd, a leading civil engineering and construction company based in the UK. Bethell approached iManage Performance Ltd to help them develop a management and leadership training programme that would support their strategic objectives.

This case study outlines the process that iManage Performance Ltd followed to design and deliver a customized training programme for Bethell Ltd.

Step 1: Needs Analysis and Scoping

The first step that iManage Performance Ltd undertook was to conduct a thorough needs analysis to understand the challenges and issues that Bethell Ltd was facing. This involved meeting with key stakeholders, including senior management, HR and operational staff, to discuss their specific training requirements and goals.

Through these discussions, iManage Performance Ltd was able to identify the specific areas of leadership and management development that needed to be addressed. This included improving communication skills, enhancing leadership capabilities and developing more effective decision-making processes.

Based on this information, iManage Performance Ltd worked with Bethell Ltd to scope out the training programme and identify the most suitable training methodologies and delivery formats.

Step 2: Designing the Training Programme

With the needs analysis and scoping complete, iManage Performance Ltd began designing the training programme for Bethell Ltd. This involved creating a customized programme that would meet the specific needs and requirements of the company.

The training programme was designed to be interactive and engaging, with a mix of classroom-based training, workshops and practical exercises. The programme was also designed to be flexible, allowing participants to choose the areas of training that were most relevant to them.

To ensure that the training programme was aligned with Bethell Ltd’s strategic objectives, iManage Performance Ltd incorporated case studies and real-life examples from the construction industry into the training content.

Step 3: Delivering the Training Programme

Once the training programme was designed, iManage Performance Ltd began delivering the training to the participants at Bethell Ltd. The training was delivered over a period of several weeks, with participants attending various sessions at different times.

The training was delivered by experienced trainers who had a deep understanding of the construction industry and the specific challenges faced by Bethell Ltd. The trainers used a variety of techniques to engage participants, including group discussions, role-playing, case studies, and interactive exercises.

Throughout the training, iManage Performance Ltd provided regular feedback to participants to help them understand their progress and identify areas for further improvement.

Step 4: Evaluation and Follow-Up

Following the completion of the training programme, iManage Performance Ltd conducted an evaluation to measure the effectiveness of the programme. This involved gathering feedback from participants and using this to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Based on the evaluation, iManage Performance Ltd provided feedback to Bethell Ltd and made recommendations for further training or development. They also provided ongoing support to participants, including access to additional resources and follow-up coaching sessions.


Through a collaborative and consultative approach, iManage Performance Ltd was able to design and deliver a customized management and leadership training programme that met the specific needs of Bethell Ltd. By incorporating real-life examples from the construction industry and using a variety of engaging and interactive techniques, the training programme was effective in improving leadership capabilities, enhancing communication skills and developing more effective decision-making processes. The evaluation process and ongoing support provided by iManage Performance Ltd helped to ensure that the training had a lasting impact on participants and contributed to the overall success of Bethell Ltd.