Case studies

Blended Learning at Mediacom

Mediacom view, their employees as their most valuable asset. Investment in training and development is paramount for maximum efficiency. The programme mixes e-Learning, snap-shot modules and full day workshops. This is providing fundamental job skills and social skills leading to fully rounded individuals... Read more

Blended Learning at Mars

Mars have an effective in house training function but reached out to iManage to support them in the development of a new type of presentation skills programme that would fit a very specific audience and cover some very specific skills. Read more

Mears Group Management Development

As a rapidly growing company with 20,000 employees, Mears Group recognised the need for a systematic approach to the development of its current and future supervisors, managers and directors. Read more

Colas - Coaching as a Management Skill

Management and leadership in a changing world In order to help foster effective management skills amongst European talents, Colas created a dedicated training package around a university styled academy through which Colas' values, expertise and experience is shared. The University’s first program was entitled 'Management and Leadership in a Changing World' for talented employees from Europe and South Africa. Read more

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