Digital Catapult

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Digital Catapult is a UK-based innovation centre that works to accelerate the growth of digital businesses. They help companies develop and commercialise new digital products and services by providing access to advanced technologies, expertise, and testing facilities. Digital Catapult focuses on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, and immersive technologies. They work with startups, scaleups and established companies across different sectors like media, healthcare, and manufacturing. Through industry collaborations, Digital Catapult aims to drive digital advancement in the UK and help businesses grow. Their goal is to help innovative companies tackle complex challenges, implement new digital capabilities, and build economic growth.

The Challenge

As a leading innovation center, Digital Catapult has themselves seen tremendous growth in recent years. However, this rapid expansion has also created challenges around transitioning to a hybrid operating model. Digital Catapult aims to provide both in-person and virtual services to meet client needs, but blending these approaches can be difficult. Managing collaboration and communication across in-office and remote employees requires new processes and tools. Additionally, scaling hybrid services with surging demand stretches resources and capabilities. As an organisation predicated on technological advancement, Digital Catapult must ensure its internal digital infrastructure supports flexible working arrangements. Adapting company culture to a distributed workforce also poses hurdles.  Digital Catapult faces the complex task of becoming a seamless hybrid operation that can deliver consistent services and experiences. Effectively managing distributed teams, workflows, and assets while maintaining rapid growth will test the organisations agility and innovation acumen.

The Solution

To address the challenges of leading hybrid teams, Digital Catapult has partnered with iManage Performance to up-skill its managers. iManage Performance offered customised training, focused on equipping managers with the advanced capabilities needed to guide distributed teams. Key topics covered include optimising communication and collaboration technology, leading remote employees, measuring performance across locations, and fostering an inclusive culture. Managers at Digital Catapult have taken iManage Performance courses on subjects like psychological safety, networked leadership, and hybrid team development. These classes provide actionable strategies to help managers be effective in a blended workplace. The insights gained allow Digital Catapult’s leaders to enhance how they coordinate priorities, give feedback, coach employees, and promote engagement within hybrid teams. By investing in advanced management training from iManage Performance, Digital Catapult aims to replicate team success across distributed work environments.

The Result

The customised hybrid management training from iManage Performance has delivered valuable benefits to Digital Catapult. Managers are equipped with strategies to improve communication, collaboration, and performance across in-office and remote employees. They have the skills to create cohesion within blended teams, promote professional development, and drive results. Overall, the advanced hybrid training has allowed Digital Catapult to up-level its management capabilities amid ongoing growth and hybrid transition. With stronger leadership that is trained to guide distributed teams, Digital Catapult can continue delivering successful innovation despite the complexities of hybrid work. The partnership with iManage Performance has provided Digital Catapult’s managers with the strategic expertise to not just manage, but to lead and inspire hybrid teams into the future. By investing in its leaders, Digital Catapult is well-positioned to reach new heights as a pioneering hybrid organisation.