iManage Performance Ltd is a leading global training and development company specialising in providing customised learning solutions to organisations. In this case study, we will explore how iManage Performance Ltd partnered with Mersen, a leading manufacturer of electrical power and advanced materials, to deliver a worldwide management fundamentals program.


Mersen is a multinational civil engineering company with operations in over 35 countries. They have a diverse workforce of over 6,000 employees with a wide range of skills and experience. As the company grew, Mersen recognised the need to standardise their management practices across all their locations to ensure consistency and improve performance. They identified that a worldwide management fundamentals program would be a critical step towards achieving this goal.

The Challenge

Mersen approached iManage Performance Ltd to deliver a customised management fundamentals program that would address the specific needs of their managers across the globe. The program had to be relevant, engaging, and applicable to managers at all levels of the organisation, from newly appointed supervisors to experienced senior leaders.

The Solution

iManage Performance Ltd worked closely with Mersen to deliver a comprehensive management fundamentals program that included all 1100 people managers across the globe.

The program covered topics such as leadership, communication, decision-making, and performance management. The content was designed to be highly interactive, incorporating case studies, simulations, and group discussions to ensure maximum engagement and participation.
The program was delivered in a blended format, with a combination of face-to-face workshops and online learning modules. The online modules were available to participants globally, allowing them to access the content at their convenience.

The Results

The management fundamentals program was highly successful, with over 1100 managers participating globally. The program received excellent feedback from participants, with an average satisfaction rating of over 90%. The assessments showed a significant improvement in key management competencies, such as communication and situational management.
The program’s success led Mersen to engage iManage Performance Ltd to design and deliver additional learning solutions for their employees, including skills development programs. The partnership between iManage Performance Ltd and Mersen continues to grow, with a shared commitment to driving organisational performance through customised learning solutions.


iManage Performance Ltd’s partnership with Mersen to deliver a worldwide management fundamentals program is an excellent example of how customised learning solutions can drive organisational performance. By working closely with their client, iManage Performance Ltd was able to design and deliver a program that addressed Mersen’s specific needs and delivered measurable results. The success of the program has led to a long-term partnership between the two organisations, with a shared commitment to developing Mersen’s employees and driving their business forward.