Appraisal Matters at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH)


iManage Performance delivered a complete blended programme to The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH). The programme, called Appraisal Matters, was designed using the following interventions:

  1. Face to face training
  2. Interactive e-learning
  3. Forum Theatre with trained actors
  4. Bespoke workbooks
  5. 120 Workshops
  6. Internal marketing campaign

The challenge

The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital was having difficulty in achieving appraisal completion amongst its 1000+ employees. It was also concerned about the diminishing quality of completed appraisals and the effect on employee motivation, objectives setting and productivity.

The RNOH wanted to develop a blended learning approach that would be different in style from a traditional training approach in order to engage all levels of staff.

“It was really important to find a provider that was flexible.”

Jackie Stephen, Head of Corporate Affairs, Learning and Development

The solution

iManage Performance developed a blended approach including:

  1. A series of classroom based sessions
  2. Forum theatre sessions using professional actors to act out key scenarios
  3. A series of bespoke eLearning (SCORM compliant built for their LMS)
  4. Bespoke workbooks for all attendees to keep and scribble notes on
  5. A series of 120 workshops
  6. Internal marketing campaign to seed and promote sessions

The eLearning solution was designed to have a shelf life so that new starters in the future would be able to achieve as much as a longer serving employee. It also served as a refresher for those employees that wanted to rehearse key points introduced in the face to face learning.

Each channel was developed to be used on its own or as a part of the wider suite. It could be accessed by any employee regardless of position or experience. It was also designed to work as a refresher course for those wanting to rehearse points made in the classroom sessions. It was also designed to have a shelf life so that new starters could quickly be up to speed without the need for face to face training.

“We are now able to tailor the training and resources online to really keep that skills map momentum going.”

Leanne Chaney, Learning and Development Manager

The result

The programme has immediately had a positive impact on the take up and completion of appraisals across the organisation. Early signs also suggest that the quality of appraisals has dramatically improved. Surveys suggest an increased level of staff satisfaction across all levels and departments.

iManage Performance are now in conversations with RNOH about bringing a similar approach to their management training objectives.