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Wilmington plc is a leading global provider of information, education and networking services. Founded in 1810 and headquartered in London, Wilmington serves over 250,000 customers in over 130 countries. The company specialises in data, analytics, credentialing, and training across the compliance, risk, healthcare, and professional services sectors. Wilmington’s offerings include legal and regulatory data and analytics through its flagship LegalVIEW database, continuing education for accountants and tax and audit professionals, and training for medical and healthcare providers seeking credentials and qualifications. The company employs over 2,000 people and operates through four divisions: Information, Education, Compliance, and Risk & Regulatory. Wilmington aims to enable organisations and professionals to enhance their knowledge, gain qualifications, comply with regulations and mitigate risk.

The Challenge

As part of an effort to improve customer experience and align the organisation, Wilmington saw a need to up-skill its management and standardise behaviours across the company. Wilmington developed a series of “Wilmington Experience” statements that defined expectations for how managers should engage with customers, collaborate with colleagues, and personify the organisation’s values.  There was a clear need for company-wide training to educate managers on the Wilmington Experience standards and equip them with the skills to align their thinking and behaviours with these ideals. The goal was to create consistent, positive experiences for customers while also enabling managers to exemplify the values and mission of Wilmington. The training initiative was seen as crucial for unifying all levels of leadership around the company’s customer experience vision.

The Solution

Wilmington partnered with iManage Learning & Development to design and deliver a customised training program focused on the Wilmington Experience. iManage collaborated closely with Wilmington’s senior leaders and learning & development team to understand the specific behaviours and skills they wanted managers to exhibit. iManage then designed experiential workshops and content to align with these objectives. A pilot program was first conducted with a small group of managers to test the training materials and approach. Feedback from the pilot was incorporated to refine the program content and format. iManage then carried out a train-the-trainer handoff, equipping Wilmington’s L&D team to deliver the program internally. This ensured the training could be sustained over the long-term. Throughout the process, iManage worked closely with Wilmington’s senior leaders to ensure the final program would drive the desired changes in managerial behaviours and align with the company’s customer experience vision. Ongoing support was provided to reinforce the training outcomes.

The Result

The bespoke management training program delivered tremendous value for Wilmington. The hands-on, experiential workshops equipped managers with the skills needed to align with the Wilmington Experience standards. Post-training surveys showed that managers felt better prepared to exhibit the desired behaviours and provide excellent customer experiences. The senior leaders reported noticing positive changes in managerial conduct and customer interactions. By investing in up-skilling its management and focusing on the Wilmington Experience statements, the company was able to unify leaders around a common vision and significantly improve customer satisfaction. The program delivered a strong return on investment and had a lasting positive impact on Wilmington’s customer experience and company culture.