Colas – Coaching as a Management Skill

The Challenge

The challenge was to create a deeply involving five day event that would shift leadership behaviours from a command and control mindset in to an enabling non-directive coaching style that would ignite the capability of the organisation.

The solution

An event was designed that would refocus a traditional directive management style towards an enabling approach that would place the authority on where the information was. Unusually, iManage had the luxury of five consecutive days with these senior managers which enabled the creation of logic and understanding about the organisation, leading to a thoroughly thought through solution.

An extensive business simulation ran across the event, creating a real world environment for individuals to apply the learning. This led to a revitalised, empowered and effective team.

The Result

Now in its ninth year, ‘Management and Leadership in a changing world’ has become a highly sought after event within the Colas University, who deliver all highways civil engineering requirements.

This is something we seriously lack in our organisation. I need to be more open to coaching opportunities – Attendee

These events are creating real moments of learning and change amongst the attendees, as traditional management ideals are challenged, freeing managers and teams to realise their full potential.