Train the Trainer

At iManage Performance, we offer highly valuable remote and online train the trainer courses to help anyone improve as an instructor.

Our train the trainer courses are designed to provide instructors or experts in a particular subject matter with the skills and knowledge to conduct better training sessions. Knowing what you are talking about is certainly important to training, but so is understanding how to best deploy the information and grasp the mechanics of running a training session.

Train the trainer sessions give all the information necessary to make it easy – whether you are looking to go into a full-time training career, or you are simply required to carry out some training as a part of your job.

If you would like to learn more – or book a train the trainer course today, please get in contact with our friendly team.


Course details

Our train the trainer course is designed to provide you with a strong knowledge of training strategies and how to make the most out of training sessions. We cover all areas of training, from an overview of training and considering the pros and cons of training sessions to practical applications and understanding how to manage learners.

Some of the aspects the course focuses on include:

  •   Understanding the qualities of a good trainer
  •   The Learning Cycle
  •   Kolb’s learning styles
  •   How to design training sessions
  •   How to stimulate discussion
  •   Managing the learner

The benefits of the course

Whether you are taking a train the trainer course to be an instructor as a part of your role at work, or you are interested in pursuing a career in training, the course has a wide range of benefits. Providing staff members with the knowledge they need to impart new skills effectively across their organisation can be extremely valuable for companies.

Why choose iManage Performance?

At iManage Performance, we have extensive experience conducting training sessions and helping our clients reach their potential. Our friendly and knowledgeable team have been providing remote session for many years, so you can trust us to do a fantastic job with your training sessions.

Contact us

Interested in learning more? Whether you would like more details on the content of the course, or you are keen to book and start as soon as possible, we would be happy to help you. Get in contact with the experienced team at iManage Performance and we will help you on your journey to becoming a better trainer.


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