Managing Remote Teams Course in London

With hybrid and remote working now firmly embedded in London workplaces, we understand the evolving challenges for London managers. Our specialised training helps London leaders enhance their skills for managing dispersed teams.

We provide proven strategies and skills to maintain high productivity, motivation and collaboration across established hybrid and remote London workforces.

Leading mature hybrid and virtual teams requires optimising your skillset to keep London staff aligned and engaged. Our comprehensive training is tailored for London managers experienced in leading hybrid/remote teams.

We address ongoing issues faced by London leaders managing established hybrid and remote staff:

  • Sustaining motivation and output with hybrid teams now normalised in London
  • Combating potential isolated individuals into hybrid team dynamics
  • Refining workflows and communication to support maturing hybrid/remote London teams
  • Making virtual meetings more inclusive for both office-based and remote London staff
  • Proactively resolving conflict in normalised hybrid working arrangements in London
  • Adapting feedback mechanisms to support established hybrid teams
  • Strengthening intra-team connections and cohesion as hybrid working matures in London

The training provides leaders with strategies to optimise hybrid/remote team productivity, morale and work-life balance. You’ll build on your capabilities managing dispersed teams to further enhance staff performance, collaboration and alignment. The course equips London managers to continually refine techniques for maximising hybrid and virtual team success. Participants will master the evolving London hybrid landscape, leading productive and satisfied hybrid/remote teams.


With over two decades of real-world experience guiding organisations through the transition to remote work, we have developed unparalleled expertise in leading and managing distributed teams. During this time, we have partnered with companies across industries as their workforces have increasingly shifted away from traditional office environments. Through this in-depth experience across multiple sectors, we have accumulated comprehensive knowledge and strategies tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of managing productive and cohesive virtual teams. Our seasoned understanding of the remote work landscape allows us to provide managers the specific leadership skills and best practices required to succeed in motivating, aligning and engaging staff in hybrid and dispersed working arrangements.

Remote Working Training Courses

Managing Remote Teams and Workers

In this engaging one-day course, we equip managers with proven techniques to lead remote teams. You’ll learn strategies for clear communication, delivering feedback virtually, and building trust at a distance. We cover adapting management styles for virtual work, tools to align and oversee remote staff, and approaches to sustain team culture, learning, and cohesion in distributed environments.

Starting from £170pp

Remote Team and Workers Training

This half-day course equips employees with insights to thrive in remote roles. We explore planning, communication, and productivity tools tailored for virtual work. Participants will learn approaches to build strong working relationships and camaraderie with dispersed colleagues.

The course provides an employee-centric view of remote working best practices to enable engagement and success.

Starting from £85pp


Watch Bob’s presentation at the World of Learning event on enabling your workforce for remote working or discover our Most Important Lesson Ever About Managing Remote Workers

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

Leading distributed teams poses unique obstacles that require tailored solutions. Our training equips managers and employees to navigate typical remote work challenges:

  • Effective communication strategies for hybrid/remote teams – Build trust through regular check-ins, clear expectations, and avenues for feedback. Resolve conflicts quickly.
  • Running engaging virtual meetings – Learn to host focused sessions with participation guidelines and tactics to keep remote attendees engaged.
  • Avoiding burnout and maintaining work-life balance – Ensure sustainable workloads and reasonable online hours. Teach time management and self-care.
  • Collaboration tools and technologies – Master essential apps like Zoom, Slack, and Teams to enable seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Keeping teams engaged – Foster camaraderie through virtual social events, team building activities, and recognition programmes. Combat isolation by nurturing relationships.
  • Managing remote employee performance – Set clear OKRs and metrics. Learn strategies for monitoring and providing feedback on productivity.
  • Enabling ongoing development and learning – Find opportunities for remote staff to observe and engage with colleagues to continue growing skills.
  • Building trust and relationships – Interact regularly to strengthen rapport and trust amongst team members not working face-to-face.
  • Maintaining accountability with less oversight – Employ tools for visibility into workloads and output. Set clear expectations.
  • Onboarding and integrating remote staff – Welcome new hires remotely with customised onboarding and socialisation approaches.
  • Supporting wellbeing, morale, and security – Mitigate the increased vulnerabilities of remote work through policies that prioritise health, connection, and cybersecurity.

Our tailored courses provide managers and employees evidence-based strategies to overcome these common obstacles and build high-performing, cohesive teams.

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