Agile Training Courses in Sussex

Agile, remote working, flexible working, home working – these are all terms that we are all now familiar with. But the transition from office based to working remotely can have an effect on both worker and manager allike. It is not something that we consciously think about as managers but the results can be dramatic. Teams are becoming more geographically spread. Technology, flexible working, fewer desks and increasing reliance on contract workers means that managers cannot bring their teams together as readily as they once did but they still need to maintain workflows and productivity.

So how can they retain a sense of team? How can the maotivate from afar? How can we keep communication channels open and morale up?

Managers need to adopt a more proactive set of skills to effectively manage remote teams and workers. .

All of this and more is explored in this popular and increasingly important range of courses for managers of all levels, experience and sector.  

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