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How we learn 1. Using learning science to improve learning programmes

How do we learn and how can it help us to develop great blended programmes? We look at three common learning theories and consider what they tell us about how we consume learning today. Read more

How we Learn 2: Using More Learning Science To Design Training Solutions.

This builds on a previous blog called How We Learn. In this blog we look at another three learning theories that may inform how we design effective interactive training programs. Read more

Informal Learning - Bus or Bike?

Informal learning is gaining pace but will it replace the formal? Bob Bannister investigates. Read more

70:20:10 Learning models

The 70:20:10 of learning is a powerful model in all areas of business. It is the learning philosophy at the heart of everything that we do at iManage Performance. But are businesses serious about really making the most of it? Read more

Is your current performance management framework frustrating your organisation?

Perhaps it’s time to radically rethink the performance management process. Read more

Things to look for in a new training provider

What you need to keep in mind to make sure you get the provider you need. Read more