How to Conduct a Video Interview

Video interviews have become a necessity for businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the realities of lockdown and social distancing. Companies are still having to hire staff and continue moving onwards, and with in-person interviews being an unnecessary risk, interviews are more easily carried out remote using video calling software.

But if you have never carried out interviews via video before, it can be difficult to get it right. Video interviewing techniques can be somewhat different from those in-person, as you have to make up for the fact that you can’t always read expressions, and that some aspects of the interview may be more challenging.

Here we take a look at how you can successfully conduct a remote video interview.


How to do a video interview iManage


How do video interviews work?

To a certain extent video interviews are similar to normal in-person interviews. The questions can be the same, they can be the same length, and you can expect to get as much out of the person being interviewed.

However, the real skill in conducting a video interview comes beforehand. Picking a location is critical – it should be somewhere that is quiet and well-lit. Being able to hear and see the interview as best as possible is a vital aspect of getting your interview right.

It is also important to treat this as seriously as any other interview. When you interview the candidate, you should be dressed appropriately, and not be treating it like it is anything other than a normal interview. This can help to put the interviewee at ease. Naturally, you should do anything that you expect from your candidate.

How to prepare for a video interview

It is important to prepare properly for your video interview. Of course, any interview requires preparation but there are aspects of video interviews that are unique in this regard. In fact, the first thing to mention is that you should ensure that your technology and setup is prepared in advance and also that you have tested it thoroughly.

There is nothing worse in an interview setting to have it interrupted due to technical issues. And this can be a more serious problem if you are working to a schedule with multiple interviews lined up one after another.

It is also a great idea to have a backup plan in place. If your video calling software misbehaves, you should be ready to switch to a different option, or even a phone-based interview.

Online interview tips

It is important to understand how to conduct your interview properly. Of course, every interview is different depending on the role and the information that you need to get out of the candidate, but there are some things that can be done for all interviews that can really help the process and make things easier.

  • Test run everything with a colleague – sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond your idea to how it is going to work practically. Once you have planned out your interview, do a trial run with a colleague to make sure that everything works properly and makes sense.
  • Prepare an icebreaker – sometimes it can be difficult to portray warmth and establish rapport in a video interview, so have an icebreaker ready just to get everyone loosened up. This could be as simple as giving the candidate information about your background.
  • Follow up with a thank you – sometimes it can feel a little strange for the video call to end once the interview is over. In an in-person setting candidates walk with the interviewer and continue chatting before leaving. It can be worth doing something simple like following up with a ‘thank you for attending’ email, letting them know that you’ll get back to them soon.

At iManage Performance, we understand that everyone is still getting used to the idea of doing more aspects of their work remotely. That’s why we provide comprehensive training sessions to help employees get more out of their remote work. If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.