Business & Executive Coaching in Sussex

One of the cornerstones of a successful company or organisation is strong leadership; the behaviour of senior executive will trickle down throughout and must be consistent across all levels. We believe that by empowering executives to develop a strong company culture in their own image, through effective management coaching, businesses can reap the rewards.

Effective leadership starts in the boardroom and spreads throughout each department to create a harmonious working environment. Here at iManage Performance, we are passionate about bringing out the best in every high-level individual through our management and executive coaching in Sussex.

Executive coach in focus: Josh Bannister

Josh has been working in leadership and development for over eight years, creating management and leadership training content for our clients and occasionally stepping into the training room as a facilitator.

A homegrown talent, Josh found his real calling in coaching. Believing in a relationship-first approach, Josh works closely with clients to cultivate a truly safe space where individuals are free to dig deep into what’s going on for them. For executive coaching that can elevate you or your leadership team’s management skills, let’s kick things off with a conversation to see how we can help.

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How can executive coaching help you?

Executives and business leaders typically have plenty of management skills in their arsenal already, so our approach is to fine-tune those skills and tailor them to your business. Our coaching techniques can be considered like life coaching for executives who wish to maintain and perfect effective management.

We pride ourselves on the fact that no two coaching experiences are the same, promising a bespoke approach to you and your business needs. That allows us to focus on building and sharpening skills you feel are already an asset while also developing and improving on those you are lacking. Our approach is collaborative and designed to produce results that benefit your personal development goals and business performance and company culture.

What does bespoke business coaching involve?

Here at iManage Performance our executive coaching techniques are designed to bring out the best in each individual we work with. To use the analogy of driving a car, we put the executive or senior leader in the position of the driver. They have the power to choose the direction of travel and how fast we get there but our coaches are also along for the ride.

Our executive coaches are in the passenger seat, offering support and directions to allow the driver to experience the journey for themselves. Through personal examples from the workplace, we can help coach and fine-tune your leadership style to better your decision-making process. We work with you, to develop solutions for your needs that will assist you in your personal career development and improve the organisation you represent.

Why choose us?

The role of a senior-level executive is a varied one and they must wear a lot of hats for different scenarios. For that reason, it’s important that leadership teams are equipped for all eventualities and understand the consequences of their decisions. Our coaching and management training coaches help you to realise your potential as a leader by harnessing the skills you already possess and hone them further.

Whether you have experience at senior level or have ambitions to be in the boardroom one day, we can help. Our sessions also use real life examples from your own experiences to coach you and showcase what the consequences of your actions were, and where improvements may have been possible.

Embarking on executive coaching helps you:

  • Understand how important it is to manage time effectively,
  • Pinpoint where stress is triggers and how to avoid it,
  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance;
  • Develop achievable professional and organisational goals.

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What training courses do we provide?

  • Management Training – Management courses for all levels of experience to boost the effectiveness of senior level executives.
  • Remote Training – Our remote training allows for teams spread around the country to maintain and manage virtual teams and workers.
  • Hybrid Training – With hybrid working becoming the norm in many companies we help your management group get the most from disconnected teams.
  • People Skills – People are your company’s greatest asset and our courses help you to harness the talent already within your organisation.
  • Leadership – We can help instil strong leadership to drive better results and be flexible to leading teams.
  • Communication – Communication is at the heart of management and we employ our specialist communication programmes to transform teams and unlock their potential.

Executive training with iManage Performance

Here at iManage Performance we provide bespoke executive coaching in Sussex for those already at a high level and those with ambitions to reach it. We help you gain perspective on your leadership style, how to use it effectively and where you could improve through real-world examples. If you would like to see how executive coaching can help your career and business, get in touch with one of our experts today.