Business & Executive Coaching in Surrey

Here at iManage Performance, we believe that every organisation deserves strong leadership that exudes confidence. We also understand that leadership is a skill that needs to be sharpened and developed to get the very best from an individual.

Our executive coaching techniques empower business leaders in Surrey to develop their own sense of leadership style and harness the qualities that brought them to the top. At iManage Performance, we coach high-level leaders to be the very best version of themselves to benefit their professional ambitions and those of the companies they represent.

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Executive coach in focus: Lisa Stevenson

Lisa Stevenson is an experienced leadership consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. She focuses on creating innovative learning environments and leadership programmes, using art and virtual technology together with individual and group coaching.

At the heart of Lisa’s approach is harnessing innovation, performance and learning through creating psychological safety, well-being and great mental health. She specialises in helping to transform environments with very established cultures, heritage, work practices and values.

If you are looking to improve your leadership and collaborative skills, then why not link up with an executive coach like Lisa.

Why choose executive coaching in Surrey?

The role of a high-level executive or leader is a varied one that requires a diverse skill set. We understand that and our leadership coaching sessions are tailored to getting the very most from your outstanding skills while also developing those you feel are lacking.

Becoming a more well-rounded leader not only benefits you in your personal development but the practical lessons you learn through coaching can be applied throughout your organisation.

Undertaking management training with iManage Performance ensures that no two coaching sessions will be the same and that the experience is tailored to your needs. We take a collaborative approach to developing your skills to ensure that we provide the results you are looking for while also helping to hone areas of leadership you need.

How does bespoke business coaching work?

To bring out the very best in your leadership and management skills we like to give you control of the coaching sessions. Essentially, you are the driver of the car who is capable of deciding which direction to go and at which speed. Our coaches are there alongside, acting as a co-pilot to provide support and assistance as you continue on your leadership journey.

We use real-world experiences from your professional career to hone and develop your decision-making skills and leadership style. Throughout the journey we discover the skills you are good at and utilise them to even better effect while discovering where you can improve. Those improved skills through coaching not only help your professional development but are used to take your company’s performance to another level.

iManage Performance coaching brings out the best in you

An executive must stay on top of all aspects of their leadership skills, and our management training is the perfect tool to do just that. Our bespoke coaching sessions can identify strengths and weaknesses in your management style, no matter which stage of your career you are at.

If you are experienced at boardroom level, we can help keep the skills you already have sharp and relevant to modern business. However, we can also aid ambitious individuals learn the skills required to be an executive and help them achieve those goals.

Executive coaching with iManage Performance helps individuals:

  • Understand time management and its importance,
  • Pinpoint potential stress triggers and avoid them,
  • Enjoy a healthy work-life balance;
  • Develop and achieve professional and organisational goals.

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What training courses do we provide?

  • Management Training – Management courses for all levels of experience to boost the effectiveness of senior level executives.
  • Remote Training – Our remote training allows for teams spread around the country to maintain and manage virtual teams and workers.
  • Hybrid Training – With hybrid working becoming the norm in many companies we help your management group get the most from disconnected teams.
  • People Skills – People are your company’s greatest asset and our courses help you to harness the talent already within your organisation.
  • Leadership – We can help instil strong leadership to drive better results and be flexible to leading teams.
  • Communication – Communication is at the heart of management and we employ our specialist communication programmes to transform teams and unlock their potential.

Management training and business coaching with iManage Performance

If you are based in Surrey and you wish to develop, improve or sharpen your leadership skills, our executive coaching sessions are designed to make that happen. Working with you, we can identify the areas of your leadership style that need improvement and those which should be brought to the fore.

Discover how our courses can help you take your company and professional career to the next level. Get in touch with an executive coach today to start the conversation.