Executive & Leadership Coaching in Kent

Organisations run better with strong leadership and executive behaviour that is consistent throughout each level of the company. Our goal is to empower business leadership teams, executives and CEOs to understand how a strong company culture makes the world of difference. That’s why, at iManage Performance, we provide executive coaching to high-level business leaders across Kent and the United Kingdom.

We want the executives and managers we work with to understand what good leadership looks like and how to implement it through their own business actions. From effectively managing relationships to putting everyday decisions into context as to how they can impact staff at the top and bottom of their organisation, we are here to help.

How well a business performs and functions falls to the actions of its top-level executives, which is why our coaching techniques are designed to improve the effectiveness of your leadership.

Executive coach in focus: Will Karlsen

Executive Coach and Facilitator with 15 years international experience in the public and private sectors, Will’s career history includes management positions in SMEs and FTSE 100 organisations as well as having been a professional actor. With an in-depth and practical knowledge of coaching psychology, the combination of Will’s creative and commercial experience enables him to bring real-world understanding of people and business to his practice.

He engages people with experiential and intellectual challenges so that they can choose how they think, feel and behave; whether developing new skills, honing existing ones or mapping out a vision of the future. Will believes personal development should be inspiring, challenging and sustainable.

If you would like to develop your leadership and behavioural skills, consider working with a coach like Will to see how his teachings can bring your business to the next level.

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Leadership coaching in Kent

The reason leadership and executive coaching is so important is that it takes the already impressive skills of a senior-level employee and fine tunes them. Our coaching techniques serve as life coaching for executives who wish to seek a better balance between effective management of their professional goals and time for their personal life.

No two coaching experiences are the same as we tailor our approach to you and your business’ needs. We allow senior executives to harness the skills they do well and consider ways to improve in areas they may feel they are lacking. This collaborative approach allows us to produce the results that benefit the performance of your business while improving company culture.

iManage Performance’s bespoke coaching pledge

How we see business and executive coaching is comparable to a car journey. We place you, the business executive, in the driver’s seat where you control the speed and direction but we are in the passenger seat acting as co-pilot, providing support and assistance along the way.

This approach is deliberate and allows the executive to be in control, while we fine-tune aspects of your leadership style to improve decision making and performance. You may bring aspects of your leadership abilities you wish to improve upon or an area that you are struggling with to our coaches. Together, we discover a solution that works best for you, best for your organisation and allows you to achieve your professional goals.

Why choose iManage Performance?

Senior-level executives must master multiple skills to command the respect and understanding from those in their organisations. Our coaches and training programmes allow you to maintain excellent leadership skills and develop new strings to your bow. Whether you are just starting on your executive career or have been working at a high level for a number of years, we can help.

Our executive coaches can help you to understand:

  • The importance of managing your time effectively and efficiently,
  • The pitfalls of stress and how to avoid them,
  • What a healthy work-life balance looks like and how to achieve it;
  • The specific goals which will help you to develop.

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What training courses do we provide?

  • Management Training – Management courses for all levels of experience to boost the effectiveness of senior level executives.
  • Remote Training – Our remote training allows for teams spread around the country to maintain and manage virtual teams and workers.
  • Hybrid Training – With hybrid working becoming the norm in many companies we help your management group get the most from disconnected teams.
  • People Skills – People are your company’s greatest asset and our courses help you to harness the talent already within your organisation.
  • Leadership – We can help instil strong leadership to drive better results and be flexible to leading teams.
  • Communication – Communication is at the heart of management and we employ our specialist communication programmes to transform teams and unlock their potential.

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Whether you have been an executive for a while or are looking to make the next step in your career, our executive coaching in Kent can help. Our courses are bespoke to your specific needs; from developing your people skills to understanding the role of leadership better. Start a conversation with one of our expert coaches today to discover how our range of courses can take your management skills to the next level.