Executive & Leadership Coaching in Hampshire

We believe that an organisation runs on strong leadership and the behaviour of its executives. iManage Performance, therefore, works to empower business leaders to develop a strong company culture and boost its efficiency through executive coaching in Hampshire and across the UK.

Our goal is to help you to gain a better understanding of the relationships, internal and external, that drive your business and how to manage them. We put your decisions into context, so the consequences of any action are clear to you. Given that executives are the drivers for change within their organisations, we aim to improve your leadership’s capabilities and effectiveness through our bespoke coaching techniques.

Executive & leadership coach in focus: Lisa Stevenson

Lisa Stevenson is an experienced leadership consultant, facilitator, and executive coach. She specialises in creating innovative learning environments and leadership programmes, using right-brain techniques, art and virtual technology together with individual and group coaching.

At the heart of Lisa’s approach is harnessing and building innovation, performance and learning through creating psychological safety, wellbeing and great mental health. She specialises in helping to transform environments with very established cultures, heritage, work practices and values. Her approach is to balance the existing and the new, and to discover the answer together.

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How executive coaching works

Executive coaching’s true benefit is its ability to improve and harness the performance of a senior-level individual whose actions impact their company greatly. Our service acts as a life coach for executives, helping senior managers and leaders find a balance between their professional goals and time for their private lives.

Every coaching programme that we begin is bespoke and tailored to the exact needs of the executive. Together, we establish goals and skills that a senior manager can achieve and improve upon with improved performance and workplace behaviour at the heart.

How iManage Performance offers bespoke coaching

We see executive coaching a little like a car journey, where you are in the driver’s seat. You are in control of how fast the car is going and in which direction you take it, but we will be there as a co-pilot, assisting you through support and navigational aid.

Rather than us taking control, we put it in your hands and fine-tune aspects to improve your decision making and performance. We find solutions that improve your management style and skill together, enabling you to bring them to your organisation and improve everything from the day-to-day to board-level decisions.
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Ways iManage Performance benefits you

Executives must have many strings to their leadership bow and our coaching programs help to keep them in top shape. We allow senior-level managers and execs to sharpen their skill set to ensure their organisation is being run effectively. Our coaching programmes are appropriate for all levels, and if you are an ambitious individual with the goal of becoming an executive, we can help.

iManage Performance will help develop your understanding of:

  • How to manage your time more successfully and efficiently
  • Stress and how to keep it at bay
  • Finding the perfect work-life balance while progressing your career
  • What goals and targets benefit you


Where does executive coaching begin?

Our coaching programmes begin with a conversation and rapport-building session so we can understand who you are and what skills you are looking to improve. From there, we will collaborate with you to develop personal skill development goals and address which areas of your leadership style you would like to improve the most.

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

Coaching is a collaborative experience, and it helps you to progress your skills and management techniques much faster than doing so organically. Thanks to the additional perspectives and our tailored approach to coaching, if you are looking to become a more well-rounded executive then coaching will make a difference.

How long does a coaching programme last?

We deliver a bespoke coaching programme that is developed to suit your exact needs. From building your skills from the ground up to honing a few particular elements, our programmes are designed to work best for you.

Our coaches have over 20 years of experience in management training and we have worked with many of our clients for years. Thanks to our flexibility, we can work around your needs which means you will only ever pay for the services that you need.

What training courses do we provide?

  • Management Training – Management courses for all levels of experience to boost the effectiveness of senior-level executives.
  • Remote Training – Our remote training allows for teams spread around the country to maintain and manage virtual teams and workers.
  • Hybrid Training – With hybrid working becoming the norm in many companies we help your management group get the most from disconnected teams.
  • People Skills – People are your company’s greatest asset and our courses help you to harness the talent already within your organisation.
  • Leadership – We can help instil strong leadership to drive better results and be flexible to leading teams.
  • Communication – Communication is at the heart of management and we employ our specialist communication programmes to transform teams and unlock their potential.

Consider iManage Performance to develop as an executive

To take your management skill to the next level, our executive coaching in Hampshire, London and the UK can make the difference. From gaining a better understanding of leadership to developing communication and people skills, we are here to unlock your management potential. Get in touch to start a conversation with our expert coaches today.