Executive & Leadership Coaching in London

Strong leadership and executive behaviour define an organisation from top to bottom. Here at iManage Performance, we empower business leaders to improve their company culture and efficiency through our executive coaching methods in London and the wider UK.

We help you to understand and manage your relationships, putting into context the everyday consequences your decisions make throughout your organisation. With business performance so closely linked to the actions and behaviour of executives, we look to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of your leadership through our coaching techniques.

Executive coach in focus: Josh Bannister

A homegrown talent, Josh has been working in the L&D space for the last 8 years, creating management and leadership training content for our clients and occasionally stepping into the training room as a facilitator.

Josh found his real calling in coaching though. Believing in a relationship-first approach, Josh works closely with clients to cultivate a truly safe space where individuals are free to dig deep into what’s going on for them. If you would like to improve your individual or your leadership team’s skills, then let’s kick things off with a conversation to see how we can help.

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How does executive coaching work?

The true value of executive coaching is in its ability to fine tune and improve the performance of one individual whose activities have a huge impact on their organisation. We think of our service as a life coach for executives, where we provide the space for senior management to improve the things they do well.

Each coaching programme is tailored to the individual executive, aiming to improve the things that an executive or senior manager wants to improve. No matter the finer details, our business coaching is always designed to improve performance and behaviour in the workplace.

How our coaching is tailored to you

We consider executive coaching a bit like a car journey that puts the executive in the driver’s seat. You are in control of the speed and direction of the journey, while the coach acts as a co-pilot in the passenger seat, offering navigational aid and support to the driver. This method deliberately puts a lot of emphasis on the executive.

Our coaches are not passive passengers along the journey but are active participants by asking insightful questions and showcasing useful examples to provide clarity and progression. As the driver, the individual being coached will bring the issues they are struggling to work through or an area of performance they wish to improve upon.

Together, we find a solution that works for your job, company and life that allows you to progress and attain your professional goals.

Benefits of working with iManage Performance

Senior-level managers and executives must be the masters of a multitude of skills and our coaching allows your personal growth to blossom. Perhaps you are looking to sharpen your skills as you are already working at a high level, or maybe you are ambitious and looking to develop. Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

Executive coaching from iManage Performance will help you:

  • Become more efficient and manage your time successfully
  • Understand the triggers of stress and how to avoid them
  • Explore how to create a good work-life balance and progress to that level
  • Set achievable and relevant goals promptly

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How can executive coaching benefit your employer?

A more efficient executive will ultimately benefit the company they work in. By creating a happy workforce through the decisions of its executive, companies are more productive, and staff are more likely to be retained.

Executive coaching can further benefit your employer through:

● Developing individuals with high potential
● Implementing organisational change through the support provided to teams and individuals
● Providing an additional voice in board meetings, enhancing a company’s creativity

What should you expect in an executive coaching session?

Our process begins with a conversation and a ‘getting to know you’ phase. This is where we will build up an understanding of what you are looking to gain from a coaching session and we will then focus on building a strong rapport with you.

As our coaching is tailored to your specific needs, each session is different, but you can expect us to assess your skills before helping to create achievable goals and a development plan. Our sessions are largely held face-to-face to offer a greater level of communication, whether that be in person or via a remote session, the results are the same.

What training courses do we provide?

  • Management Training – Management courses for all levels of experience to boost the effectiveness of senior level executives.
  • Remote Training – Our remote training allows for teams spread around the country to maintain and manage virtual teams and workers.
  • Hybrid Training – With hybrid working becoming the norm in many companies we help your management group get the most from disconnected teams.
  • People Skills – People are your company’s greatest asset and our courses help you to harness the talent already within your organisation.
  • Leadership – We can help instil strong leadership to drive better results and be flexible to leading teams.
  • Communication – Communication is at the heart of management and we employ our specialist communication programmes to transform teams and unlock their potential.

Book a training session with an executive coach

If you would like to take your career to the next level, then our executive coaching in London and across the UK can help. Our courses cover a variety of topics designed to help you unlock your management potential. Do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 474247 or at info@imanageperformance.com to discover how we can help you make a positive change to your organisation.