Ways to Spice Up Your Online Meetings for More Engagement!

Online meetings have become the norm for many teams and organisations over the past few years. While they offer flexibility and convenience, it’s easy for online meetings to become dull and disengaging. Participants may find themselves distracted by other apps, emails or lose focus altogether. 

As a meeting organiser, you play a key role in keeping your online meetings lively, interactive and engaging. Here are some tips to spice up your next online meeting and hold everyone’s attention:

1. Use Visuals and Share Screens

Staring at a grid view of faces on video gets old fast. Integrate visuals, slides, screenshots and videos into your meeting. Share your screen to walk participants through documents, data and presentations. Visuals help focus the discussion and give attendees something interesting to look at.

2. Do Interactive Activities 

Get meeting participants actively involved instead of just sitting and listening. Do quick polls, quizzes, brainstorming sessions or group discussions in breakout rooms. Activities get people engaged, spark new ideas and liven up the atmosphere.

3. Change Up the Video Layout  

Zoom and other platforms allow you to showcase different participants and layouts. Highlight the current speaker, pin key videos, use gallery view and switch things up instead of the same static view. Different views can help keep things visually interesting.

4. Use Annotation and Digital Whiteboards

Collaborative whiteboards and annotation tools allow participants to sketch ideas, circle key points, and contribute visually. Virtual whiteboards bring energy and activity to a meeting as attendees co-create and add their own ideas.

5. Limit Time for Each Agenda Item

Long stretches focused on one topic can make meetings drag. Keep things snappy and fast paced by limiting each agenda item to 7-10 minutes maximum. This focus will keep everyone engaged and attentive.

6. Gamify Discussions or Activities 

Friendly competition and games can encourage participation and connection. During a brainstorm or group discussion, gamify it by giving points for contributions and keeping score. Offer small rewards for winners. 

7. Get Moving with Stretch Breaks

Sitting and staring at a screen gets tiring. Build in 60-90 second stretch or walking breaks every 20-30 minutes. Moving around will refresh attendees and shake up the energy. Offer fun or silly stretch challenges.

8. Play Energising Music

Keep meetings lively by playing upbeat instrumental music during transitions, icebreakers or creative activities. Upbeat tunes create positive energy and get creative juices flowing.

9. Use Fun Virtual Backgrounds 

Encourage attendees to use fun virtual backgrounds like tropical beaches, space themes or even company logos. Themed backgrounds add a dash of whimsy and personality to a meeting.

10. Have a Theme or Dress Code

Themed meetings with a fun dress code help create excitement, connection and energy. Do Hawaiian shirts for a tropical theme, crazy hats or sunglasses for a silly theme. A theme sets a playful tone.

Online meetings don’t have to be boring. With some creative planning and interactive elements, you can keep energy and engagement high. Use these tips to get attendees tuned in, connected and immersed in your next online meeting.