Time for adjustments to the new normal?  

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This week the UK Prime-minister has hinted that the current restrictions are likely to be in place for a further 6 months.  Many organisations are suggesting that they are unlikely to return to the same ways of working post covid, so there is definitely a new normal.  Both in the short and long term we are going to need to settle down and get on with life in the lockdown world of remote working.  

Given this is the case, perhaps it’s a really good time to take stock and consider any adjustments that we might need to put it place if we are going to thrive one the coming months.  There has been a few things I’ve changed recently; it’s dawned on me that the past six months have provided some lessons that are helpful in informing my priorities in the coming six.  

This is not ground breaking, it’s simple adjustment, but they are things that would have been detrimental if left uncalibrated.  

I’m making changes in three areas. 

My eating!

The reality is, I have put on weight that I don’t want over the period.  As strange as this may sound, in my 55 years I’ve never dieted!  I’m diabetic which has meant that I’ve always eaten healthily, but the increase is sedatory living, home comforts, ready access to beer and wine has resulted in a belly that I don’t like or want.  It’s a covid legacy that I’m going to lose before the next six months turn it into another additional 4 KG.  

My Exercise

Clearly the second adjustment is very linked to the first.  I was a very active person, constantly on the go, frequently marching across cities and airports, running for trains planes and automobiles; standing most of the day in workshops; attending my local gym multiple times a week alongside a regular game of squash.  A huge percentage of that activity had dropped off for obvious reasons.  

Our gym didn’t even reopen when it could have, and to be honest I wasn’t sure about mixing with everyone in that environment pre vaccine.  

So I’ve made an adjustment, we’ve bought a Peloton, a bench and some weights, and converted a spare bedroom into a humble, but practical home gym.  The benefits have been very noticeable immediately, not least that my blood sugars are suddenly way easier to manage again compared to the past months.  

Managing the diary with a different priority

My final mid lockdown adjustment is going to be to my work diary.  Pre Covid I would deliver 2, 3 or occasionally 4 days of training a week.  That always meant that there was down time to do other things.  In the past 6 months, I’ve almost totally been delivering 5 days of training a week (something that would have been impossible before, due to the travelling required).  

It’s been fine as an experiment, but I’m finding it too fatiguing and pressured, as I have zero time to do all the other things needed in a small business.  

For the coming 6 months I’m going to force non client days into the weekly schedule to redress the balance.  

We are all getting used to the new normal, but have a think, are there things that you need to adjust before we move to the second period?  Maybe not, but if there are then it’s a great time to address them.  Ask yourself if you are 100% happy with the current arrangements and if not make some adjustments that will make the next 6 months happier and perhaps healthier.  

Bob Bannister

Ships Captain