We’ve got some exciting news to tell you.  Next week at World of Learning, we are launching a brand new shiny podcast called Squeeze.  Here’s what the blurb says about it.  

Squeeze is a management training podcast designed to help squeeze the best out of you.  Each Monday our experts in behavioural training, Bob Bannister and Will Karlsen, sit down to discuss personal effectiveness, helping you to fine tune your management and leadership skills.  

In the first episode of Squeeze, you’ll get to know us, who we are and what made us think we were interesting enough or insightful enough to make a podcast!  We’ll also give you a bit of a roadmap for the future episodes of Squeeze.  

You will be able to consume Squeeze on whatever platform you normally choose to listen to your podcasts, fresh every Monday.  

Have a listen, let us know what you think, ask us a question, suggest a topic.  We look forward to giving you a Squeeze very soon. 

Bob Bannister

Ships Captain