Keeping your motivation levels high, when working remotely. 

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Motivation theories are many and complex things.  A simple search will show you that there are literally hundreds of views on the topic.  Add to that the fact that we all will have individually differing motivators and you have a lifetime of study on your hands if you want to become an expert in the field.

However, if we are remote working then it can be super useful to get a basic grasp of what motivates us and specifically understand whether or not those factors are impacted by being a digital nomad.

Simply put, some motivators are much more impacted than others when it comes to working alone.  So here’s a simple way to assess this for yourself and your team members.  

I’ve attached a pdf template for this blog for you to grab via the link below.  

The first template lists over twenty titles of motivation theories.   Take a look at all the names and simply assume you’re an expert in what they are!  It’s not too hard to imagine the basics of each of these factors.  So pretend you know all about each of them, and then select the four that you feel are your top motivators.  Can I suggest (if you can) that you do this without looking at the second template!  

Next transfer the four motivators you have selected onto the second coloured version of the assessment.  They are in a different order; the further right, the more likely you are to have your motivation impacted by remote working.  This will give you a clear indication as to how you might me affected by working alone.  Understanding this is the first step. 

It’s now really helpful to develop strategies to counter those specific demotivating factors that are pertinent to you.  Speak to your peers and boss about it, make people aware so that they can support you in keeping energy levels up.  If you are a manager, why not do this entire exercise with the whole team?  Use the group to discuss how you can counter the issues for each individual, and then put your plans into practice, periodically reviewing how everyone is doing in keeping chipper.  

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