How coaching can help your organisation thrive

Engaging in a coaching for your organisation can seem a little daunting, if not a little expensive. Most organisations development budget needs to deliver some level of volume, you’ve got a significant population to reach out too, so the obvious route is to focus on approaches that maximises the cohort size per pound or dollar spent. This means taking the leap into one to one coaching sessions can be a difficult sell, that is until you begin to get your mind around the wealth of evidence that supports coaching as one of the most impactful learning intervention mechanisms available.

72% Gain in goal achievement!

Almost any body can get through their career without coaching, but the potential for lost opportunity can be very large indeed. The university of Sydney is amongst many that advocate extreme value is achievable through coaching. Using short term executive coaching, defined as 4 sessions over 8 to 10 weeks, they found a massive 72% increase in goal achievement. Their control groups only achieved a 10% increase in goal achievement over the same periods. This is incredible! It’s a huge difference, brought about by the interventions of a coach. Imagine the difference that kind of goal focused gain can make to your organisation. It’s transformational, it’s a whole different league of performance.

But the evident benefits don’t stop there. In the same research they found that whilst the focus of the coaching was on goal achievement, there was also clear evidence of psychological benefits. Pre and post coaching analysis suggested that:

  • Depression reduced by 60%,
  • anxiety reduced by 66%,
  • stress reduced by 39% and
  • quality of life increased by 45%.

Add these amazing wins to the 72% increase in goal achievement and you have to ask, ‘why wouldn’t you using coaching within your organisation’.

If we want our organisations to thrive both in performance and wellbeing, then coaching is likely to deliver more than any other development intervention. It really is a no brainer! Couple this with some innovative coaching approaches and you suddenly find the fear of ‘costs being too high’ evaporates very quickly. In our experience there are many ways to ensure value in coaching. Even something simple like using group coaching sessions for intact teams can deliver astonishing returns on investment from your Development budget. Gone are the days when we might have said “Coaching, nah, that’s too expensive” the question today is where you can afford not to be supporting your organisations with coaching?

A quick conversation can help clarify which innovative coaching approaches would suit your situations and enable you to provide coaching as a significant contribution towards making your organisation truly thrive.


Bob Bannister

Ships Captain