Your programme will be a tailored blend that is just for you.

iManage Performance have a long history of running successful bespoke blended training programmes that range from 2 days to several months. We also run annual programmes for several clients. Each programme is carefully designed for the clients unique learning and development requirements.

Whether it is turning managers into leaders, developing communications, improving purchasing ability or maximising sales potential, we can design a programme for you and your learning and development objectives.

Everything starts with an in depth needs analysis session. We ask a lot of questions and spend a lot of time to fully understand how your organisation works. We then use a blend of learning styles, channels and interventions that is right for your needs and how your people work.

All of our programmes are designed and implemented by our in-house team giving you consistency across the programme. We also ensure that we use your brand, language and other cues in all touch points on the programme so that it seamlessly fits your people and encourages buy in and learning retention. We do not have a one size fits all approach; your programme will be a tailored blend that is just for you.