Over the past 5 years we have been paying attention to the growing prominence of video in L&D. The studies have been done and the results are in, as a learning tool video is an incredibly powerful option. For example, a study by Insivia showed that viewers retain 95% of a message when the watch a video compared to 10% when reading text. This astonishing statistic, and others like it, are the engine driving the L&D world into the strategic use of video solutions. Check out Bob’s CIPD keynote speaker slot on using video to equip your future workforce:


So, if video is such a powerful learning tool, what have we done about it? We have created Eden, your one stop shop for professional end to end video production.


Whether you want to add acted out scenarios to your eLearning modules, produce beautiful video introductions to your training programme, or circulate bitesize video lectures to your learners, we have got you covered! How about an example?

We worked with Mears group to produce a large library of videos depicting management scenarios. The videos were then hosted within eLearning modules. Learners would watch the scenario play out, and then answer a series of questions based on the video.


Adding video content to your eLearning modules is a fantastic way to increase retention and engagement among learners, as well as to ground the theory with real world examples and applications.