Hybrid Management Training Courses

Hybrid working has become commonplace in recent years – but while many members are staff are used to working in this environment, some managers are not up to speed on how to manage teams of hybrid working staff.

There are subtle but important differences in the management of remote staff compared with a hybrid working environment. At iManage Performance, we can provide your management staff with the training they need to get the most out of a hybrid working team. Getting this right can lead to better efficiency and productivity within your team and a working environment for everyone.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is an arrangement where staff at your business work a mixed schedule of in-office and remote work. There are a number of different models of hybrid working with some that have specific staff working remotely full-time and others in the office full-time, and others where all members of staff work a mixture of remotely and in the office.

Hybrid working has become a lot more common after the pandemic, as businesses adapt to a workforce that may have had to operate entirely remotely over the period of lockdown.

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The challenges our course helps you overcome

We offer a course in the management of staff on a hybrid working model. While hybrid working might seem like a simple transition, there are many challenges and difficulties for hybrid managers that it is important to overcome.

  • Ensuring team cohesion – when some members of staff work in the office and others remotely it has the potential to create a divide. We’ll teach you tactics to ensure your team is cohesive and on the same page.
  • Communication makes collaboration – in-office workers sometimes take communication for granted, especially with regard to ensuring collaboration between team members. We emphasise best practices for breaking down barriers between staff.
  • Finding a balance – some staff can find it difficult to get the balance right in terms of their working and home lives. We teach managers how to spot issues and techniques to deal with the issue.


Hybrid Management Training Course FAQs

Why choose us

The team at iManage Performance calls on more than 20 years of real-world experience in management and providing training to staff. As more and more businesses adopt hybrid working as standard it becomes important to get training that can not only help your company with the transition but also ensure an effective and efficient workforce in the long term.