Give me what I want!

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Here’s a very quick blog that has massive potential.  I want to suggest that there are three things that every person wants from others.  If we know what they are, then we can become super expert at winning over others and building strong lasting powerful relationships.  

These are not difficult things to fake, but who would want to do that anyway!  No, we need to genuinely own these three, demonstrate them, and from that starting point develop the connection.  Here they are:


Everyone you interface with desires your attention.  Not half hearted attention, but full on attention!  They want you to connect with them, and almost just them.  They don’t want you to be connected to your phone, or looking out of the window, or watching others out of the corner of your eye.  They just want you to engage one on one and connect with them.  


The second thing they are crying out for is your genuine interest.  They want to feel you are engaged with them.  Not asking meaningless questions, but in a dialogue that is generative.  A conversation that is buoyant, alive and discovering things.  


The third requirement is simply to be shown care.  They want to interface with people who  will be caring, empathising, connecting with genuine concern.  Not treating them flippantly or just as one of the crowd, but expressing true concern for their wellbeing.  

You should give these three a try, work at them, you will quickly find reciprocal behaviour and growth in relationship that has loads of potential.  

Bob Bannister

Ships Captain