Learning Solutions

iManage Performance offers a complete range of training methods for the complete blended learning solution. 

iManage Academy

New for autumn 2016, the iManage Academy is the complete online training resource and community. The Academy features hundreds of hours of video led training, exclusive tools, interviews and webinars built around an active community of managers and professionals. Content will grow weekly.


Face to face

This is how we started and how we continue to grow. Traditional face to face training with a difference. We guarantee to change your people for good. Find out what makes our face to face training different and why we still have many of our original clients.


We are supported by over 5,000 hours of e-learning, carefully tailored to clients needs and endorsed by over 50 industry awards. Whether you're looking for a fast turn-around on a simple project or a complete end-to-end solution, we can meet your online learning needs. This is not bolted on eLearning, but a truly integrated approach to the blended learning solution.

Social Learning

Harnessing colleague based conversations that form invaluable on the job learning. Social learning represents 70% of our retained knowledge and should be an essential element of any blended program. We use closed social media channels and a range of unique approaches to capture and share this vital insight. This is powerful in any organisation and has proved invaluable amongst disparate and shift based teams.

Profiling Choices

Our preference based learning and development system aids individuals and teams to gain valuable insight. Understanding individuals personal working preferences this powerful tool provides a great vehicle for increasing individual and team effectiveness.


Powerful Coaching

Breakthrough learning outcomes have been achieved when we couple blended learning intervention programmes with coaching. We believe training with integrated coaching is a very powerful way to create successful change. ...and by the way our coaches are credentialed, not just another someone who's read the book and jumped on the bandwagon!

Online Modules

For years we’ve been using online modules to bookend other learning interventions. Setting the scene before an event or workshop, testing current understanding, and setting personal learning objectives. Post event we inject some repetition of the content to help embed the learning, test retention to see what people have remembered, and check for implementation; what changes have been put into practice.

360° Appraisal

Whether you want to give focus to personal and professional development for your people, or offer a more balanced approach to appraisals, integrated 360-degree feedback is your answer. Our powerful and popular online tool is one of the best around and helps make 360 feedback an enjoyable and revealing experience.

120 Workouts

Bite sized interventions are increasingly popular. Short focused workshops lasting just 120 minutes, or sessions like our lunch and learn 60 minute interventions provide frequent but manageable sized learning opportunities.

Learning Theatre

Live theatre in training really brings a valuable dynamic to the learning experience. Using professional actors that specialise in learning and psychology we provide a range of approaches to suit the topic and learner. Whether it is watching a scene, using stop start technique or actually interacting with the characters, theory and ideas come to life quickly and effectively.